Thursday, October 21, 2010

syzygy of fragments

The FF offering by Mrs. 4444 is here once again.
(secret area 51 aka Groom Lake NV is 4444 ft above sea level)

During a walk late this afternoon I noticed the full moon and the sun were both out at the same time.  One setting in the west.  The other rising in the east.  Certainly makes me feel like I'm in the middle of something big.

syzygy - ever heard that word? I just learned it today while reading Scientific American. It’s the straight line configuration of celestial bodies. Sorta like getting your ducks in a row. I don’t remember if scrabble has three y’s but it would a great one to use in a game.

I checked out an interesting book from the library (I like non-fiction OK) about the search to find the memory process in our brains. Neuroscience stuff. I keep forgetting to read it. I did remember to take it back. After returning it I’m wondering if the library fines patrons who forget to return books on memory improvement - doesn’t seem fair.

Two of my daughters and I had some fun (also good beer) at the haunted Country House restaurant. There are three of these pub/restaurants in the general area. Their oldest pub is said to be haunted. I don’t believe in ghosts but after seeing that movie, I know some people see dead people. Now I’ve met a few that appeared brain dead.

So we are sitting there talking about this ghost thing and other things. I noticed some worker just outside the window and mentioned it.

A few minutes later in mid sentence one of my daughters springs from her chair. Chair bounces on the floor, her eyes bigger than normal and maybe she gave a little scream. I don’t remember a scream because I cracked up laughing.

She had looked up and that worker outside happened to be standing real close to the window and it shocked her. You had to be there.

If you read my post from last Sunday, you will know why I sent the following picture to my sister. (Thanks to Jillsy Girl for the idea)

Here’s a jazzy song with some advice.

Mommy's Idea


Kristina P. said...

I know the word "syzygy" because it was the name of an X-Files episode once.

lisleman said...

The Truth Is Out There - that was a good series but I watched random episodes of it.

TechnoBabe said...

The great Nat King Cole. Nice.

I wonder what picture your sister will reciprocate with now. Hers was the practically empty frig, right? Then your practically empty dishwasher. Hope her next one will be printable.

We are going to the library today. It will be our last time to check out books at this library. We are moving in 8 days and we can't go that long without library books and all our own books are packed in boxes out in the garage. I read mostly fiction, mysteries mostly, with some good non fiction thrown in the mix pretty often too. Glad you like the library too. I usually read one book a day but with the preparation for the move I am not reading as much. I still read every day but not for as long at a time.

The Original Bean said...

That is EXACTLY what I was going to say! Best show ever.

The Original Bean said...

I like your post separators. Hmmm, a haunted bar? That could be fun. In my old age I tend to stay away from the haunted houses and scary movies. I don't know what happened to me, I used to love scary movies. Last night I accidentally saw a commercial for Paranormal Activity 2 and I actually jumped when they showed a certain scene. I still haven't seen the first one.

Thisstopwilloughby said...

I'd love to go to the haunted pub! I definitely believe in ghosts. We have too many unexplained events in our house for me to be a skeptic.

lisleman said...

I enjoy it when readers notice small things like a separator - thanks.
I've posted some about movies up here but it was mostly Chicago related stuff. Maybe it's just aging but IMHO the newer scary movies use too many dumb effects to be scary. The 1978 Halloween was a very scary movie that didn't need many special effects.

lisleman said...

Libraries have been a favorite place of mine since childhood.
I thought you moved already. Best of luck with that.
Next picture ?? maybe the washing machine, dryer

lisleman said...

thanks for sharing - I think most of the unexplained is the randomness of the world, but there is much we don't know.

Dwmatty said...

I saw that same thing. The full moon and sun at the same time. Not something you see every day.

You have a good point there with the memory book and late fees. Maybe you should say something to them about it and just take a picture of the look on their faces. LOL

The Original Bean said...

I think that's why Paranormal Activity is supposed to be scary - there are no special effects. I think I've convinced myself that we need to rent it. Maybe tonight, depending on how the baseball game is looking after the first few innings. Then I'll sleep with the light on for the next week or so.

Jillsygirl said...

Have you ever played the Facebook Scrabble App? It's great! You can play with your friends wherever they are. You have to get used to waiting for your next move, though. That word would come in very handy!

Thanks for the mention! How did she respond to your pic?

lisleman said...

I refuse to play FB games - need to draw the line somewhere.
She laughed. She got the joke right away and so did her college age son.

secret agent woman said...

I've always liked the look and sound of the word syzygy, but usually can't remember quite what it means.

Mrs4444 said...

I saw Paranormal Activity last night, with Kendall. It had some scary moments, but I thought it was just "okay." Real-life scary is fun enough; the haunted bar would be fun :)

lisleman said...

did you read the comment from Original Bean on this movie? I doubt I will go see it. Was the ticket price scary?
The bar/pub has been known to be haunted for many years and the waitress told me the place was on a ghost tour for awhile. I just like the food and beer and relaxed atmosphere.

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