Friday, October 29, 2010

stop calling me it’s Friday fragment time

Gather around boys and girls, it's Friday fragment time again. Thanks Mrs. 4444!

Another 4444 fyi - The Internet Engineering Task Force’s standard RFC 4444 is titled “Management Information Base for Intermediate System to Intermediate System”. Unless you design networking systems it’s probably not on your reading list.

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More things annoy you as you age. Being annoyed is annoying. Sometimes you just can’t win because you forgot you were in the game. 

I just got an annoying junk text message. Really who buys something from a text message? Even a robo call has a human voice but those calls really suck too. This is the second junk text in so many days if I get another one I will start reporting it.

Another annoying thing is a blog full of annoying rants so I’m going to find my happy face now if I can remember where I put it.

Oh yeah, here it is.

good beer - good friends - good memories

First time I experienced an Irish pub, was spring 1989, as the door opened I noticed right away it was a whole different scene than the bar scene I had experienced growing up. The Irish pub was (may still be in most small villages) a family type place. A gathering place for the community.

I’ve posted some memories of Ireland before and you can find them by clicking on the label/tag “Ireland”. Here’s a post link that tells a little bit of how we got over there in 1989.

An important piece of the plan for us was the lodging decision for the summer. The office/plant was located just outside the Shannon airport. One of my first Saturdays there, the company HR director took me out to find the right rental property. The family would arrive a couple of months later. The Irish countryside was all new to me and the area is very rural and scenic. I enjoyed the car tour.

I’ll never forget of method for directions to see the various rentals. This was 1989, so no mobiles (we call them cellphones) yet and no GPS. We checked in at each local pub for info, directions, and refreshment. Basically we navigated by pub. The pub stops made that rental search the best one I ever did. We settled on a newly built duplex outside the city of Limerick near the University campus.

What a great place to get yourself lost. Not annoying at all.

This FF post was a little different for me since it was just two fragments with the second one being longer than most fragments I write.  But it is only a fragment of my Ireland memories.

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Kristina P. said...

Ireland sounds simply beautiful. And I HATE spam texts.

Mrs4444 said...

No worries about the length of your fragments, my friend, as long as they aren't annoyingly LONG, haha.

Kendall's best friend is 16 and is studying abroad in Ireland. Apparently, she is studying beer, because she has spent many an evening in said pubs.

Oh, dear. Spam TEXTS? I've got my hands full enough with spam comments, thank you very much.

Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend!

Zemeks said...

I agree adults get annoyed much easier than kids. Why is that? Glad you let the ranting go and put on your happy face! I never text, so that's one thing that won't be annoying to me.

Stopping by from Friday Fragments.

Jen said...

I don't design networking systems, but I would love to study in... um, I mean, go to visit Ireland! I luckily don't get spam of any kind. Not even the kind in a can!

lisleman said...

thanks - I'm sure Kendall's friend had some good craic (crack) at those pubs. She should asked her about that. Also, ask if she has been "collected" yet. This post has me wanting to return.

lisleman said...

Why - I'm not sure. Maybe because we had longer for the crap to build up?

lisleman said...

no spam - wow - maybe we could all team up and send you some. The email spam doesn't bother me much because the spam filters work good. The kind in the can? I think I ate some years and years ago but don't really remember.

The Original Bean said...

Hmmm, navigating by pub. I like the sound of that.

I guess I've been lucky, I've never gotten a spam text.

unknownmami said...

I hope I never get a spam text. Great, now I'll probably get one.

lisleman said...

Are you a "knock on wood" type person?

linlah said...

Spam text? That's like too many political commercials.

lisleman said...

the spam text was not political it said something about a loan it probably was a scam.

lissa said...

took a while to load the comment box but that's probably my computer, anyway, wonderful image to see especially for days when you're down

have a sweet day.

lisleman said...

thanks for staying with it while it loaded. I don't think the comment system like older systems much. The image was taken at a summer air-show in Wisconsin. It was a beautiful day.

Jillsy Girl said...

Junk text!! Oh no! I haven't received one of those yet. I hope it's not the new age email spam.

Okay, I know you didn't take that photo, never mind this month...BUT because it looks great in the blue row, I'm leaving it there! :-)

lisleman said...

Why do you just assume I did not take that picture? I DID IN FACT take that picture. The photo was taken at a summer air-show in Wisconsin. It was a beautiful day. You are correct that the picture was not taken this month.
Wisconsin holds a world renown air show every summer.
Have you ever seen a sky writer? It's pretty cool but the smoke doesn't last long.

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