Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Seriously nobody gets out alive

Death - do we discuss it much?
Depends on the situation.

Discussing living is usually more enjoyable, but death comes around and reminds us it’s still there.  If I think about what I just wrote, I conclude that I’m just stating the obvious.  I feel obliged to ease into this subject, but death itself is not so obliged to come on a slow easy track.

Lighten up - I’m OK and so is my family.  A close friend of my mother-in-laws recently passed away and maybe that brought up the subject in my mind.

But today, I found another death related story that shows the wrong thinking about death IMHO.

Catholic Church bans footy theme songs at funerals

(footy theme songs - unless you’re an Aussie you probably need a translation - football/soccer team songs)

This headline and story comes from Perth Australia.  Now it makes no difference to me since neither I nor my family plan any funerals over there.  But if this dumb restriction spreads through the church it may ruin my plans for my funeral theme song.  What doesn’t everyone have a funeral theme song?

C’mon, where’s the “fun” in “funeral” if you don’t have a little music?

Actually my funeral theme song is not related to any sports.  I just like the song and think the lyrics are very appropriate.  It’s “Spirit in the Sky “ by Norman Greenbaum.  If you don’t recall it (or you’re too young) I’ve included a youtube clip below.

What song would like to be played at your funeral?

The Aussie story list the top requested songs.  I’ll just list a few notable ones.
  • My Way, Frank Sinatra
  • Unforgettable, Nat King Cole
  • Over the Rainbow, Judy Garland
  • Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin
  • Another One Bites the Dust, Queen
  • Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, The Wizard of Oz
(the last one just cracks me up)

Don’t you think your funeral should be a celebration of your life.  I enjoy music so celebrate with some music.  I enjoy jokes but bringing in a stand-up comedian might be too expensive.  But hey, if you can get a good one to stop by for free - go for it.

I love humor which is why "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" is a favorite radio show (yes I listen to a radio show).  It was that show that alerted me to the funeral music story and the following story.  

Barbarba Sue Manire is a great example of offering humor even after you have expired.

That parking meter flag is up on her tombstone and it reads EXPIRED.  Her family honored her wish of having an expired parking meter on her grave.  I do believe "her humor lives on".  Here's a bit about her story (also a few more pics of it).


savmarshmama said...

i love your choice of music! i'll have to give mine some thought, but i'm guessing it will probably be something with a beat and very danceable, sugar! xoxoxox

secret agent woman said...

Have you ever seen the video of John Cleese giving the eulogy at Graham Chapman's funeral and then several members of the Monty Python cast singing "Always look on the bright side?" It's a hoot.

Kristina P. said...

I heard about this! I think many people would want it to me a more festive celebration. Not something dour and tragic.

lisleman said...

thanks so much for sharing that. I love Monty Python. I bet that surprised you, not. I had not seen this clip. I will be adding to my Another Circus blog of mostly youtube clips.
thanks again and --
Always look on the bright side!!

unknownmami said...

Perhaps, "Sexy Motherfucker" by Prince or "Baby's Got Back" by Sir Mix A lot. You know, something classy.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Funeral theme songs!?!?!?! WTH? It never occurred to me... and I thought I had already made my funeral arrangements. Back to the drawing board.

Bearmancartoons said...

Hopefully Mayday Parades - "I'm still Breathing"

lisleman said...

Honestly you can enjoy the music more when you are alive and can hear it but why not share your favorite tunes with family and friends. We are the only species that are known to think about their death and plan for it. Let us know what tune you select. Thanks - all the best

lisleman said...

Thanks for expanding my musical knowledge with the "Sexy Motherfucker" classy tune. I had not heard that one before but it's lyrics really create an interesting emotion.
"Baby's Got Back" - won a 1993 Grammy Award - has a number of parodies - much more popular than Sexy MF - I found this Burger King ad that's now on my youtube favorites list. I don't why it didn't start a trend.

joaniemack said...

My friend loves loves loves fireworks to the point that's it's more fun to watch her watch the fireworks than to watch the fireworks themselves (did that make sense?) She wants to be cremated and her ashes placed inside a fireworks display and set off on July 4th. And ya know what? She'll get her wish when the time comes!

And Norman Greenbaum is awesome!!!

lisleman said...

thanks - I guess your friend has hear everyone's remarks about going out with a bang.

Marlaahansen said...

Ok, I absolutely LOVE this point! In our family, funerals are fun. Sure there are tears and broken hearts but we celebrate just as we did when our loved one was living.

My family already knows what I want when I die....forget the funeral. Make it a party with lots of food, music, dancing and stories of the ridiculous things I did that they will never forget.

I'm just sorry that I'll miss it.

Zemeks said...

I never heard of playing a sports theme song at a funeral. I think I would like "When We All Get To Heaven" played at mine.

mimbles said...

I've always liked Spike Milligan's epitaph, it's in Irish on his headstone but it translates as "I told you I was ill." A recording of Harry Secombe singing was played at his memorial service, Spike had said when Harry died "I'm glad he died before me, because I didn't want him to sing at my funeral."

My Grandma is 99 and has been very ill recently, it seems likely there'll be a funeral in our family very soon. It's been more than 20 years since any of my close family have died, I'm really not sure how we "do" funerals exactly but I'm quite sure we'll be celebrating her life one way or another.

gaelikaa said...

Hiya. I know a family in Dublin who were very annoyed because the priest wouldn't let them have a singer in the church to sing "Love is all I have to give" at their mother's funeral. That's an old Engelbert Humperdinck hit (sixties I think - British - do you know of him?) "Secular music not allowed" was the mantra. So her son bought a cassette player into the graveyard and "blared it right out" (those were his very words) as the coffin was lowered into the grave. Everyone was hay enough with that.

gaelikaa said...

typing error....shoulda read 'happy enough with that'....

Mrs4444 said...

I have to admit that I've never thought about a funeral theme songs. Those are some good picks, including yours :) When my dad died, we played, "Here's to Life," and it was perfect :)

lisleman said...

Did you know there is an edit feature with DISQUS? You can fix your typos after you post the comment if you are the author, a feature I have often used.
Yes of course I know Engelbert. With a name like that how could anyone forget. Good story - thanks

lisleman said...

We agree. Maybe my estate will have enough money for an open bar at the luncheon after the burying part of the funeral.

Cheeseboy said...

Hey, I do stand up comedy! I'll do it for free for you. Although that would be by far the toughest crowd I'd ever played.

Stairway to Heaven is my most requested song of my Ipod too.

lisleman said...

Hey thanks
Most requested by who?

Lilly said...

Hello stranger!, I know this was very odd to say the least and got a lot of negative publicity here. I would definitely not have a football song at my funeral but I would like a song called the Long Journey Home that I have had earmarked for a while.

I am not sure I would even like a service i would just like to slip away quietly without any fanfare. Yep, the more I htink of it they can just throw me overboard somewhere - now what about the burial versus cremation. There is another issue as well.

Something we all need to think about though. And I love some humor in any situation. I think when it happens my dads funeral will be like that. such a funny man who loves a laugh.

lisleman said...

thanks for coming and giving it a read.
I recall you writing some funny stuff about your dad (Des right?). It is really tough to think that they are mortal and not forever. And we are too.
I don't know if you bothered to look at the John Cleese clip of an eulogy he gave but it's very funny and real. Secret Agent Women left it in her comment.
all the best

unknownmami said...

The Burger King is so friggin' creepy, but I love the ad.

Cheeseboy said...

Most requested by me of my own iPod.

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