Tuesday, September 21, 2010

grateful they take our calls

Back in July 2009, I found this customer revenge story. It’s very interesting and you might find yourself singing along to the song from it. (click over to my past post on it for more)

But that’s just the background for this post.  The song writer was Canadian musician Dave Carroll.  Joining his fan email list lead to today’s post.

Today I found this announcement about a new song from Dave in my inbox.

It’s titled “Everyday Heroes”.   I included the very moving music video below.  It really makes me grateful for all the first responders ready to help us.  Knowing that some are volunteers (Dave was a volunteer fireman in the past) reinforces my belief that the vast majority of people are good.  Check out his site 911song.com.

Thanks and God Bless to all the everyday heroes.

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Emme said...

Thanks for sharing this song. Its so true that the job of emergency workers becomes instinct. I love the line... 'there is a Hero racing to help a stranger today.'

Pearl said...



Dwmatty said...

I really appreciate this song.

TechnoBabe said...

I too am grateful that so many people are willing to work an emergency tech job or even volunteer. Kind of takes away the word stranger doesn't it, or at least soften the term stranger.

secret agent woman said...

I believe that most people are flawed but essentially good.

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