Sunday, September 19, 2010

future is in the can

Just a moment while I spin up my time prediction machine and listen in on the future.

A future conversation:
setting - a Friday evening in the family kitchen -

"Madison, you are not leaving this house wearing that!"
"Oh mom."
(mother pulls spray can from cabinet)  "Get over here, I need to spray your ass."

Future teens maybe making their own clothes from a spray can.  It certainly promises to increase the creativity.  Lady Gaga types would go through cases of the stuff.

Your can to big for those old jeans?  No worry just spray on some new ones.
Seriously, I am not making this up.  Go check out the company Fabrican web site.

I started to grab a picture from the Fabrican site but noticed their legal notice on the bottom stating that no part of their website may be posted.  They have some youtube clips and let you embed them so here is one.  But really you should look at a few of their pictures for a better idea.  

Since it just sprays onto your skin it is very very form fitting.  This works great for those slim models but it could be problem for others.  I also wonder about hairy guys not being able to get the shirt off their back.

Not to alarm you but your future maybe in the hands of a few clowns short of a circus.  If it was the cirque du soleil (cool site for a cool show) at least the future would be creative.

another circus         solar info link


W.C. Camp said...

I won't be satisfied until they invent 'spray-on' DUCT tape. Now that is an
invention that I can use. As for fabrican, maybe I could grow a beard and blow on some cute clothes for it? Good post! W.C.C.

Gilz said...

I'm NOT sure it would cover up my nips!

secretagentwoman said...

Wouldn't this take all the fun out of undressing?

TechnoBabe said...

That would probably be faster than hand painting clothes on. People used to do that years ago, remember? You are right, it would look okay on the right body types but not so great on all the others. I like secretagentwoman's comment here. Ha.

BLOGitse said...

Looks nice but not very ecological, nor practical but fun.
I wonder what happens if you sweat a lot - would a t-shirt stay on or not... :)

Bearmancartoons said...

I see they finally came out with sprayable butt spackle

lisleman said...

I'm always amazed that there are so many angles and ideas on my posts that I never think of. So no more excuses for butt cracks. very good thanks

lisleman said...

Wow you might just sweat the shirt off your back. I don't think the rain would be very kind to the clothes either.

lisleman said...

Because the clothes are so revealing in their form fit? I don't think this type of clothing could have fasteners so you would peel the clothes off which might be fun.

lisleman said...

Getting the strength of duct tape would be a challenge. You probably know people have made clothes from duct tape. I remember seeing pictures of a duct tape wedding years ago. I wonder if they stuck together.

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