Friday, September 17, 2010

fast friday

Mrs. 4444 (does she stop when her odometer rolls past 4444?) who is a teacher and if you didn't know that you probably have not been to her site and read the Friday assignments called Friday fragments.  You should visit her blog.  Here is my FF assignment slightly late but I don't know if she takes off points for that.

(picture has nothing to do with Mrs. 4444)

This past week I did a blog related thing I have not done before.  A first for me.  I wrote a guest post that was posted over on Eternal Lizdom.  The whole experience was fun, rewarding and much better than driving in Chicago traffic.

Also this past week I got an interesting link from a blogging friend and exchanged some thoughts with him about a subject getting some media attention lately - dangers of social online networks.  Here's the link

I suspect my friend would have blog about this himself but he quit blogging.  Before I jump on that tangent, I want to recommend that BBC article and in particular the short clip of Clay Shirky included on the page.

Here's a piece of what I wrote back to my friend Dave:
...(now sounding like the old fart)  Today's kids are the guinea pigs of this social networking that can be carried around in their hands.  I'm writing this on a laptop and that's as mobile as I care to go with social web interaction.  I'm not at all interested in twitter.  Facebook is OK but I like the blogging much better...

About that tangent idea (did you forget already?), Dave applied his talent in creating a number of blogs and but now for the time being has quit.  If you have been blogging for oh say more than 18 months and have paid any attention to other blogs, you have seen the same thing.  If I thought hard (but I don't really want to) I could list 5 or 6 blogs that I followed and they just quit.  Real life does happen.  It reminds me of the running of Forrest Gump.

One last fragment that brings me back to that wacky cheesehead lovely teacher (hey do you know FIB means to a Wisconsin resident?) Mrs. 4444.  One of her fragments mentioned blog follower numbers and their importance.  I agree completely, it's the quality not the quantity.  But, if you are a quality person (you have read this far so you probably are) please consider following.  One use of these follower gadgets is finding like minded blogs.  

Mommy's Idea


Kristina P. said...

I am not a fan of the Followers gadget. And I do admit to being irritated when someone requires that you actually publicly Follow their blog in order to enter their giveaway. I'm probably a better and regular blog reader than most of the people who follow, even though I use Google Reader.

Dwmatty said...

A social disconnect site with a waiting list. Very interesting. I have a Facebook account, and a Twitter account, and NEVER use them. I joined but saw no value in letting everyone know about every moment of my day.

lisleman said...

Hey you followed the link thanks. I know many including myself, don't always follow suggested links. There is only so much time and we need to get back to twitter and facebook. I never joined twitter and fail to see any reason to join. Now FB is enjoyable and good for seeing pictures of kids and grandkids. thanks

lisleman said...

Oh don't worry about doing the following thing gadget. I know you read my posts and usually comment too. I think many of the blogs with large number of followers listed did just that type of giveaway. I know the giveaway reader doesn't typically return when there is no giveaway. I giveaway some opinions, ideas, and humor. No strings attached, well unless you want my string collection.

secretagentwoman said...

The social netwoking sites are interesting - kids really do seem to connect on them and also engage in on-line spats which seems so fool-hardy to me.

TechnoBabe said...

I don't like facebook or twitter. Nuh uh, no way. Forgetting we live in the real world and taking care to nurture our real relationships is ludicrous. Needing attention online can cause so many problems in my opinion. And getting constant reassurance is not healthy. We need to learn how to make decisions and see life clearly. Being connected to one or more people pretty much all the time is very dependent. Good post. I like posts that get us thinking and saying what we believe and what we don't like.

W.C. Camp said...

Social Networking is fine - helps people stay in touch which I think overall is a benefit to society vs. the downside to the phenomena. As for formal blogging 'forever', I personally wanted to write 365 (one years worth) 'quality' posts as fast as I could. I am about 10 away and it is going on 7 months and 120,000 words. Honestly once I reach the goal, WHO KNOWS or CARES? It is fun sometimes, but it is work too, so I completely understand why blogs come and go. I fully intend to be one of them someday! W.C.C.

BLOGitse said...

I follow you, you know that?!
I've noticed 20-30 bloggers have gone from my life. Some just vanished, some told they stop blogging.
Blogging demands a lot of commitment and discipline.
Competition is hard. Time is limited.
Most of the bloggers have time to update their own blog but don't have time to blog hop and leave comments.
About blog hopping.
That is not the same what it used to be.
A couple of years ago it was a "rule" if I leave a link I visit and comment all the other participant's posts.
Now people leave their links and that's it. (generalization)

I've tested several times this: I leave a comment to every single blog which are playing the game. Result: 20-30% will come and leave a comment on my blog. Conclusion: I leave a comment on a blog which I've know she/he will come back to me. When others comment I always comment back.

At the weekends I have great traffic but not as many comments as that amount of traffic should. So. Lots of people sneaking around saying nothing.

My love is not for sale. I don't need giveaways. I have everything I need. If I need something I buy it.
I don't like awards. "I give award but you have to give me something for that". That's sick.

I always thought comments and loyal followers is the best award a blogger can get...what do you think?

Eternal Lizdom said...

Early on, I used to "worry" about followers and number of comments. Now, I hardly notice. I put out there what I want to put out and then engage if conversation starts up or just start focusing on the next post.

I understand when people quit blogging- I just really prefer that they actually post that they are quitting and not just stop cold.

And I'm a social media junkie. I've even been leaning heavily on my smart phone to keep me connected and I love it! I have a lot of fun with all the connections I've made.

Mrs4444 said...

I feel like I start every comment on your blog with, "You're so funny!" So, today, I'll say, "You're awesome." I really like you, Lislemen. You have one of the most unique styles of writing; always catching me off guard, and I love your dry humor.

Forest Gump-Quitting Blogging...a perfect comparison! I understand it completely. So far, I'm still running happily. Hope I don't blow a knee!
You will laugh when I say, omg! I wasn't Following you!! However, that matter has been corrected!

Kristin_The_Goat said...

I don't follow anyone either, but I do subscribe through Google Reader, but you are correct that it can help in finding like minded bloggers.

I've known quite a few bloggers that have just quit. I'm actually OK with the quitting, but what really gets me is when they just delete the whole thing. I've known this one particular blogger who wrote a blog post one day and the next deleted the whole shebang. I guess this is where my hoarding tendencies kicks in. I get all out of whack when I can't go back and read what I missed ever again. Even if the posts are buried years deep, I get some comfort in knowing that if I want to I can go back and read them. When it gets deleted it's like someone came in and cleaned my house! (I think I went off on a tangent)

lisleman said...

Hoarding, cleaned your house, hmm are you sharing too much here?
Like the last tangent - it has a great angle.

Kristin_The_Goat said...

I claim all the time that I've got too much stuff. I'm a hoarder that can get rid of stuff. I'm a regular at the donation line at the salvation army, but I just don't get rid of enough stuff. Thankfully I don't like to shop for the most part and I take out the trash daily. I think I've just started an interesting blog post for myself. Thank you!

lisleman said...

You were just shadowing me ;)
So I still have that 'A' going? cool.
Yeah don't blow your knee out. thanks hitting the follow gadget

lisleman said...

Good to hear there is no worry in your blogging. That term does get different usage. I and probably most try to post good stuff but to me that's not the same as worry.
Social media junkie - you are a adult and grew up without it but I think it's different for kids not knowing a different world. Also, please don't text and drive, you live in the next state over so I don't want you hitting me.

lisleman said...

I think the blog games might be useful for someone starting out. Not to say I've reached some great level but I have reach a level of enjoying it. Is it the best thing since slice bread - no.
That result of your testing is interesting. Certainly shows that many are gaming the game.
I've never considered giveaways. Now if I were selling some online product sure but this blog is not about that. BTW, JJ of Fifty Factor provides some good info on giveaways and her experience. You can find a link down in the comments of ICB.
A agree about the best award - comments - and you just gave me one - thanks

lisleman said...

Now that seems like total planning. Planning when to end your blog. Too much of schedule for me, no thank you. Interesting view though, thanks.

lisleman said...

I enjoy the sharing of thoughts and your shared wisdom is always good to read. thanks

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