Monday, September 27, 2010

drive-by blogging

Hey readers and fellow bloggers do you do drive-bys?

I'm not talking guns, violence, and that trash here. I mean clicking the browser before the page even finishes loading. There is only so much time and I admit I have scanned a few blogs very quickly. But not my favorites but then I guess that's why they are my favorites. 

So one thing you might miss if you are too quick with the click, is the comments. I've been lucky to get some really funny comments on some posts and I have read some great comments on other blogs.

Unknown Mami started up her comment thing again. She's a comment queen or maybe she would rather be a princess - hmm go ask her.

Unknown Mami

An example of this is a comment about a blog gang.

One of the ICB team gave that suggestion in a comment of hers.  The blogger was Eternally Distracted who may have gone off and joined a gang.  I don't know but she stopped blogging.

The first gang I remember looked like this:

 (externally distracted might be the blonde on the right)

Remember Spanky and our gang.  I watched reruns of them.  They were almost as good as the Three Stooges.

My response to this idea in the comments -
A blog gang - do we need to wear leathers? tattoos? gang signs? how do we act tough? scare readers with big words?  thanks you got my mind racing. I'll check back with you after I take a spin on my tricycle.
Well after my failed attempt to steal a ride on the little neighbor girl's trike, I have one more thought.

This would be the type of gang that shares recipes for rice krispy treats and if provoked might be pushed into a food fight (but only with non-allergenic soft food items). A non-violent gang of bloggers using pictures and words to mark their territory.

Here's a tough gang that knows how to skate.

another circus         solar info link


Kristina P. said...

I do have a Snuggie gang, called The Snuggalos. We are very scary. Our jumping in rituals involve drive-by Snuggings.

lisleman said...

That would be terrifying for someone who was scared by the smurfs. I guess they do come in colors other than blue. Does anyone go trick or treating wearing snuggies? thanks for sharing

secret agent woman said...

I always read the whole post unless it is a really long one. Or a long fiction excerpt. I plain don't have the time. I read other comments only occasionally.

lisleman said...

You might be missing some good comments occasionally. Typically the comments are easy to skim through because most are short. I look at the comment author and often I find familiar names. You are very good with your comments. thanks

secret agent woman said...

Might be, but I read a lot of blogs and I'm lucky to find time to read the posts themselves. But obviously I read responses to my comments. :-)

savmarshmama said...

driveby blogging means a blog post written by me during the course of a day, a sort of anecdotal entry. i like your definition. xoxo

debbie_suburbsanity said...

I've never been in a gang. I kinda like the idea of it.

unknownmami said...

That's my idea of a gang. Too bad I'm already in a gang: The DoppleGangers. We come in pairs.

lisleman said...

So a gang of doppelgangers would have the problem of having two leaders and the power struggle might just split the gang. Of course an advantage is your gang is always twice the size of normal gang.

But you do make for a good blog gang member using big words like doppelganger. I bet you could say this German word with a Latino accent which makes it even more mystical.

You would also be a valuable blog gang member because of your knowledge of the art of mask making.

Aishah said...

Hola Lisleman,

When I was an active blogger, I found your comments at other blogs to be most amusing. Now I am no longer active, just dropping by from time to time to keep in touch and to read.

lisleman said...

Hi Ocean Girl,
It's great to see you are still sailing the ocean of blogs.
thanks - enjoy

gaelikaa said...

I always say that some of the the most interesting things that happen in the blogosphere happen in comment boxes. Would you believe I actually acquired an adopted brother in a comment box? This is why the comment boxes should be opened up regularly and shown to the general public. Comment boxes have the ability to change lives.

There's the link to the adopted brother post if you have a spare minute....

OneStonedCrow said...

Yeah, I do drive-by shooting - but with a camera (I LOVE digitals) and, sometimes the results are quite surprising ... try it, get someone else to drive and you just snap pics ... drive-by commenting? ... mmm ... maybe the results could be quite surprising too ...

lisleman said...

I checked out the link. This Rakhi custom is interesting and one that I never knew of before. Does the tradition go back many years?

Thisstopwilloughby said...

I don't know if it would be considered a drive by, but there are times when I read blogs but don't leave comments. Recently, for example, my computer died and I had to rely on the kindness of others (and their computers) to get my online fix. I just didn't have time to leave comments when I was using a borrowed computer.

As far as reading comments on other blog, I skim them and usually read a few. Some are pretty entertaining.

The Original Bean said...

My issue with keeping up with fellow bloggers is that my blog-reading window is limited to the very early hours of the morning. 9 times out of 10 I go through my reader by 7:00AM, and then don't re-visit until the next day, when there are new posts to read. Not because I don't want to, but because by the time I've worked a full day the last thing I want to do is sit in front of a computer. Even for recreational purposes. Sometimes I do come back to check comments if it's a particular interesting topic that I think will generate discussion.

lisleman said...

Yes real life does and SHOULD take priority. Everyone has their own tastes but I find it odd that some would rather play a game on FB than explore blogs, new things or news stories. I've played some online games before but I just don't see the attraction of them.
thanks for sharing

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