Monday, July 26, 2010

family dancing beer and transformers

Sunday was a full and fun day.

After a great start with homemade buttermilk pancakes that I was allowed to put homemade blueberry sauce on (reminder to self - post about blueberry sauce) we went to a Broadway-in-Chicago musical.

Maybe you've heard of it?  It's about this British kid that wants to dance the ballet.  Great dancing, singing and acting.  But I have not heard "piss-off" that much since the time in a UK pub and the footballers stormed in.  Oh, the name of the musical - Billy Elliot.

Not far from the theater district, the Chicago streets were a total mess.


It looked worst than the winter potholes that have been known to swallow a car.

Would you be interesting in a slightly used SUV?

Hollywood has descended on Chicago.  The movie Transformers 3 is being filmed in Chicago this summer.  A week or so back, they filmed base jumpers (crazies if you ask me) jumping off the top of that big shiny Trump tower seen here:

I can remember when transformer meant an electrical device to transform voltages in a circuit.  

We finished the day off with a great meal and beers at the Hopleaf tavern on Clark St.  They are known for their great beer selection.  Also the mussels for two are excellent.

Having a few beers and thinking about a major Hollywood movie being in town, I thought I should change into character with some shades.

Would you be interested in autograph prints of this photo?
I didn't think so.

another circus    


TechnoBabe said...

The stylin' sunglasses make you look like a movie star. I showed your pic to hubby because he has very similar mustache and goatee. I thought Chicago looks like that all the time.

lisleman said...

thanks they are not even my glasses. Most of the time you can actually drive down the streets but if there's a big protest or 1968 riot going on, well I would suggest a detour.

joaniemack said...

Those shades really make the man!

W.C. Camp said...

Cool shades for a trip 'Clown-town'. I liked the picture of the mess and car. At first I thought it was literally an 'art installation' (not kidding) that you had found. I guess since it was a movie, that was kind of true. Glad you had a nice time in Chi-town. Go weep for me at Meigs field - I will never forgive the Mayor for destroying that incredible little airport. W.C.C.

BLOGitse said...

You look so stylish & cool with those sunglasses!
My son has similar but yellow :)
umami - as you call her - sent me here :) She has your link on her site and as a curious person I had to visit.
Now I have a strong feeling I've been here before...or met you somewhere else...I remember that huge eye photo...
I was trying to figure out what that commenting is about but it didn't open to me...Maybe because my English is not good enough or I'm lost. I have to come back again - perhaps my brain works better then. :)
Have a good day - greetings from Casablanca!

Bearmancartoons said...

Did they have my new favorite beer...Avalanche?

lisleman said...

I only selected from the draft beers and I don't remember seeing that one. I believe I have that beer once or twice. It's from the west coast - right?

Bearmancartoons said...

Yep Colorado. It's like Fat Tire which they don't send east of Indiana for some reason.

lisleman said...

Thanks for the visit and compliment. Umami has a great blog and since you used that name I must assume you have read some of my comments over there. I have noticed your comments on many blogs I visit.
You probably have seen that eye photo on some other blogs because it is getting spread around. The idea of the 'I Can't Blog' blog is to share ideas, tips, and fun in the comment section. The plan is to have one post and a long comment section.
I would have not known your first language was not English. Your comments read just fine. I doubt I could write a complete sentence in any other language. I just know a few words and maybe phrases in other languages. Which language is most common in Casablanca (famous here because of the movie)? I would guess either French or Arabic.

lisleman said...

Oh that's a very interesting story of the power of Mayor Daley. Having construction equipment 'attack' the airport in the middle of the night is just amazing. I think many people do enjoy the new park, Northerly Island, for concerts.

BLOGitse said...

Our connection works great! :)
One post but HOW long comment section? open for how long - forever? :)
So if I want to join I just add a comment or reply to one?
Here in Morocco the first language is Arabic, Moroccan Arabic. French is the second language and widely spoken - they learn that at school.
I'm happy if I can manage with my English - interaction is the main point for me!
Tsau! (that's what they say here when leaving)

lisleman said...

I went over to your blog. Noticed that it's at a new address using wordpress. You could drop a comment at 'I Can't Blog' about moving to wordpress. I'm interested to understand why people switch blogging platforms.

secretagentwoman said...

Have you seen the movie version of Billy Elliot? I loved it.

lisleman said...

Some of it. The movie didn't draw me in much but I remember it. Apparently, I was the only one in the family that didn't know Elton John wrote the musical after the movie came out. I recommend the musical but if you are worried about sensitive ears hearing some foul language you might want to reconsider.

savannah said...

hey, sugar! ;~)

i LOVED the movie! (billy elliott, not the transformers! ) xoxoxox

(slowly getting back to reading & commenting again. thanks for stopping by.)

lisleman said...

thanks - you know it's the simple small things in life that can make your day such as your comment!

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