Saturday, November 07, 2009

I would like to thank

I feel honored and surprised. Ok maybe not as much President Obama did with the Nobel Peace Prize but still it's nice to be recognized.

Blogger friend, Fantastic Forrest over at Traveling Through Time and Space has awarded my blog the Honest Scrap Award.  Thanks FF, this gave me some ideas for the blog.

I'll be doing a post on scrap very soon.

This award comes with some rules.  (is that common?  an award with rules?)

First off you need to thank the blogger that awarded you and link back (see above).  Next you must list ten things about yourself.

Ok things about myself:
1.  I dislike running.  I hated the track sessions in High School and later in Officer Training School the required running times about broke me.  I always thought exercise should be combined with a game like baseball or tennis.  Of course running is part of most sports but when there is a game involved it's more interesting.  I thought the running story in the "Forrest Gump" movie was hilarious.

2.  After seeing a few James Bond movies growing up, I thought being a spy would be the greatest career.  They all got fast cars and fast women - right?  Part of my Air Force career included cryptography (I can't say anymore or I'd have to kill you).  It was interesting stuff but didn't include any fast cars or women.

3.  lighten up already - nobody gets out alive - I don't like people who take themselves so seriously that they become arrogant, boring, and a jerk.  Chill out - I heard or read the following once about someone: "Often in error, never in doubt."

4.  I would rather read non-fiction than fiction.  True stories can be stranger than fiction.  One of my favorite stories was Serpico (also a great movie).

5.  I listen to song lyrics.  The best ones are the ones that make you think.  Such as the song by "Police", "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da".  (lighten up already)

6.  I don't spell well.  I consider it a sign of being a better engineer.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  I thought about blaming my bad spelling on the French.  Faux is really a fake word.

7.  I don't understand why people like lists.  A few paragraphs about myself would be better than this list.  The best ten things, the top 100 places, etc. are just opinions and everyone has one.

8.  I believe our brains are wiring to find patterns.  So we deceive ourselves by seeing/finding things that we want or are trying to see.  My best example is that tragic things come in threes.  Who thought that one up?  Some victim of a tragedy that was looking for company?

9.  One of the best things of my life (everyone's I think) is learning.  Don't ever stop because there is an endless amount to learn.  I'm very proud that a couple of our daughters are teachers.

10.  I served 10 years in US Air Force.  Started enlisted and finished an officer.  It bothers me that many people today don't even know the difference between those categories.  More importantly I wish more people would accept that you can support the troops and still be against a war.  I believe there have been some necessary wars and some unnecessary wars.  Unnecessary and sacrifice of life do not go together.

11.  Oh no I broke the rule of 10 things.  I'm on roll here people, just bear with me.  I would jump at the chance to go into space.  I might even consider some running if I knew I had a chance.  Doing a loop in a plane would be cool too.

The last step of the rules is to award ten fellow bloggers.  I consider this the "complete the sharing" step.  Now some of these ten bloggers have already been presented this award but you can get awards multiple times.

Please welcome these award winning blogs with a visit:


alantru said...

Congratulations, lisleman!

And much deserved, I might add.

And a hearty thank you for presenting these fine bloggers and myself with the Honest Scrap Award. It’s an honour to receive this and to be included in their company. Now we dance!

Kirsty@Gone Bananas said...

Congrats Lisleman! It's been a while since I got an award! First I'd like to thank the academy... what? Not that kind of award? Ach well it's a great honor non the less. *wink* shall try and post it tomorrow as long as the laptop doesn't screw up again. DOH!!!

Lisa said...

LOL, this is so funny, a spy who don't run!

Congratulations lisleman and thank you. I visited my first blog recently and found that you were there in the comments in my very first post!

I am honored to receive this prestigious award from you. I do try to be honest as possible when writing my scrap.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Congrats on your well deserved award!

And a million thanks for passing this award on to me. I'm flattered. I'll work on my list and post it soon.

Thank you for serving our country for ten years. I take my hat off to you and admire your greatly.

Hope your weekend is fabulous!

Bill Lisleman said...

Hey blogger friends, thanks and it is a pleasure to share this blogging token. I was curious about the starting of this Honest Scrap award. I'm sure it goes back a few years. I started following the links of the various blogs that got it. It's an interesting way to discover new blogs.

yorksnbeans said...

First off, great list!! Secondly, thank you for including me in such great company. I will cherish the award and place it prominently on my blog. I guess I hit the jackpot this week since this is the second award I have received! What have I done to deserve these honors?? Thank you very much, Lisle, and I will work on my list and post it in the upcoming week.

Fantastic Forrest said...

I never realized you had your own little Three Days of the Condor action going. Very exciting!

Your song lyric item makes me think of the bumper sticker:
To Be is to Do - Socrates
To Do is to Be - Sartre
Do Be Do Be Do - Sinatra

Absolutely we see what we want to - certainly that's true of many flawed science experiments and many political analysts.

Thank you for number 10. That is a courageous thing to say. And that is an example of why you won the award - your willingness to speak the truth. Would that I had the power to grant your wish to go into space. But here's a promise: If I ever get a spaceship, I'll save a seat for you! :)

Bill Lisleman said...

@yorksnbeans - looking forward to your list

@FF - I was reluctant to go along with this award thing at first. Passing it along to ten other bloggers was the tough part. Which ones? Will they even care about it? Questions that I wondered if I should even bother with. But after thinking about and writing my honest thing list, I realized this is a worthwhile exercise.
Three Days of the Condor - other than looking like Robert Redford (yeah right) it doesn't relate much to me. But the story and movie, The Falcon and the Snowman actually does have some common elements with my career.

Claudya Martinez said...

Really, you would go into space. I think it would make me feel claustrophobic.

I have recently developed an affinity for lists. Never used to like them, now I find they are an easy way for me to channel my humor.

Thank you for the honor.


fun way to get to know you! I belong a group of "clown school drop outs" "slash" "cannibals" ...... (giving you time to think)......... its not supposed to make sense.....(its okay to laugh now)......


lisleman said...

Hey GM (bet you didn't think you were taking the initials of that great company at the time) thanks for coming by and sharing a comment.
Don't you think people who take themselves too seriously are at least boring and often complete jerks?
It would be my pleasure to pass this award onto your blog.

Aledys Ver said...

Yuuupieeee I can post straight away! :D
It was nice to learn a bit about you! Thanks a lot for your help and for your comments on my blog. I'll add this to my blogroll and come back for another visit!

lisleman said...

Thanks for exploring A Few Clowns Short and remember it always helps to lighten up and not be too serious too often.

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