Wednesday, October 21, 2009

not a cat person - good thing

Animals can be funny and I've posted a picture or two myself.
But this LOL cats thing - is it really that popular?  
Good thing I much prefer dogs.  I don't have to get hooked on this web trend and then I noticed there's the same type of site for dogs.  Now which one gets more visitors?

A quick check at Alexa (page ranking site) shows the cats having a huge lead.  The site comes in at a rank of 52,406 and the comes in at a rank 312,942.  
Do you think dogs deserve better?

Good heavy metal parody on LOL cats - Enjoy 

solar info link


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I like both, but I think cats get themselves into funnier predicaments without any apology. Dogs always look so contrite...

Bill Lisleman said...

@maureen - hmm it is interesting how we put feelings/ideas behind what an animal is doing. thanks for dropping a comment

Order Meds said...

Im with the cats on this one. They're antics are funnier since they are less clingy than dogs and are bound to explore the house. Their faces are also more expressive...and cheeky

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