Tuesday, July 14, 2009

wait wait

Another spin cycle - this one covers routines or as I would say, creatures of habit.

We all have routines at home and at work. I don't know how many times or how often you need to repeat something for it to be a routine. I have a Saturday routine that a few years ago was slightly different. So can a routine change and still be a routine? Depends I guess.

Anyway back to Saturdays - I became a fan of a public radio show called "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me". Any long time reader of this blog may remember past posts that were based on stories from this show.

So with my fresh cup of coffee I sit down and listen to this hour long radio quiz show. I don't even take phone calls during the show.

The show creates games based mostly on the funny/odd parts of the news. They typically can get some interesting guest to play their 'not my job' game. Their guests have ranged from old rock stars to Supreme Court justices.

Back in 05, they had Obama on the show (then Senator Obama).

But our routines often need to change because the world around us changes.

A few years ago I had a daughter studying in Cairo (actually my blog routine can be traced back to that) and it became routine for me to call her over an internet phone (VOIP we used Gizmo but now most people refer to it as Skype). It was great to be able to talk and update each other. After a year she returned and that routine changed (now I can just go up to her room and yell at her - just kidding)

Another changing force is technology. The show is podcasted (MP3 file) so I have listened to a few missed shows though my computer. This would allow me to completely change my Saturday routine but I resist without really knowing why.


yorksnbeans said...

I have a routine. I get up out of bed and walk downstairs to check my email every morning. But since I've started my blog, that now also gets checked, so my routine has altered just a tad as well.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Every morning, after dropping Sprite off at school, I listen to Bob and Sheri, a great syndicated radio show, and have to listen up to a certain time before I turn the engine off and go into work. I could be fifteen minutes early and I will sit there in my van listening until it's time to go.
Great Spin and it sounds like an interesting show! You're linked!

lisleman said...

@yorksnbeans - well I guess most all bloggers should have a routine of checking for comments. Maybe I'm nit picking here - but doesn't your comments go to your email account? I have my comments go there. Thanks

@sprite's Keeper - thanks - staying in the car to listen is called a "driveway moment". Our family does it all the time.

Anonymous said...

I too resist change sometimes. Especially of little things like that. For example, when I get home every night I turn on the TV to TNT. Whether or not I'm watching whatever show is on, which I'm usually not since I have homework and the like, the TV has to be on TNT. If anyone comes in to show me something on another channel like my brother for example loves to do I get all crazy and weird until I can change the TV back.

It's so stupid.
I do the same when I wake up. I HAVE to have Charmed playing in the background while I get dressed otherwise I might walk out the door with mismatching shoes and a purse on my head.

Happy Spin!
My spin will be up thursday!!!!

yorksnbeans said...

You are correct about the comments in my inbox, but I also check my blogroll which shows new posts.

lisleman said...

@gigi - I don't think anyone likes someone changing the channel they are watching. Of course, it's not good to get so deeply involved with the tube that we completely ignore the life around us. Need to balance.

@yorksnbeans - as you may have noticed I'm still using a plain old type of blogroll. IMHO few visitors even look over at the blogroll.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Lately things have been pretty crazy around here so my routine is upside down. But I am happy to have podcasts to rely on for the things I miss on tv or the radio.

lisleman said...

@JJ well I hope 'upside down' is more fun than scary for you. So it's good to see someone who can find technology as a tool to simplify vs. complicate. all the best

alantru said...

On Saturdays I make pancakes, clean the house and play loud music. Always. Hmm, may need to shake things up. Perhaps French Toast...?

lisleman said...

@alantru - french toast with blueberry sauce - oh don't listen to head banging music because you might smash your face in your food. One more thought, I don't think I could ever make cleaning a routine but avoiding cleaning now that's a routine.

CaJoh said...

Stopping by from Spin Cycle.

What I find interesting is that my wife and I actually listen to public radio on our TV. I even wrote a post about it:

Good spin.

lisleman said...

@cajoh - thanks I went over to your post about NPR - very interesting

Shangrila said...

I think we resist changing routines because they're comforting. Even if they change in little ways, there's something to be said for a part of each day (or each week) to look forward to! My husband and I listen to NPR more every year-maybe a sign that we're growing up? :p

Love the term "driveway moment"-it's something our family does/has often!

lisleman said...

@shangrila - good hear from another NPR listener thanks. You might know this but there are some NPR CDs called driveway moments. Some of the best gifts I've received.

lisleman said...

@shangrila - good hear from another NPR listener thanks. You might know this but there are some NPR CDs called driveway moments. Some of the best gifts I've received.

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