Friday, June 26, 2009

you can't take it with you but

YOU CAN STILL BE MAKING IT after you're gone.

Yesterday (and still big coverage continues) the world lost two big celebrities - Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

They are gone but they will still be making money.

The world lost two legends which is sad. Both of them impacted my past and its memories. However, neither of them were much of an influence on me.

During this extensive coverage I picked-up on an unusual Forbes list. The Top-Earning Dead Celebrities list.

NOT a list I want to be on. (also if you're on it do you know?? --- that's a discussion for another time)

I was very surprised by who came in number five on the list. Want to guess?
I will put the answer in the comment section.

Did you know (probably not since I don't know of any celebrities reading my blog) there is a 1984 law dubbed The Dead Celebrities Act, that grants posthumous rights for 70 years? So even after you're DEAD you still need a LAWYER!

That Forbes list (2007)

OH - somewhat related thought to yesterdays events -
I heard the MJ news in the late afternoon. Later that night I was checking a favorite blog over in Australia and read a post that started:
"It's kind of sad to wake up today and hear about the deaths of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett ...."

That got me thinking about the international date line and events. For example, the tragedy 9/11 was a Tuesday. However, it was Wednesday the 12th in say Sydney.

So if a celebrity from North America dies in the Far East (not much past the date line) which day does history record his death? I would assume the local time but I bet his close friends and family near his home would remember the previous day as the event.

The big conference that established this date line was held in October 1884 so I think we would be used to it by now.


Bill Lisleman said...

number five on Forbes list of top earning dead celebrities is
Albert Einstein

did you guess right? I doubt it.

Lisa said...

Interesting points, thank you.

Farrah Fawcett did influence me to grow up blond.

Bill Lisleman said...

@ocean girl - thanks for stopping by.
Are you sure it wasn't marilyn monroe and the "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" film. Just kidding I think you're too young for that one.

yorksnbeans said...

The order of that list really surprises me except for #1 & #2. I think it will be changing now that Michael is gone. Funny though, because his estate will probably be worth much more in future years than when he died (Isn't he in debt now?). But, I guess that happens with many artists.

Bill Lisleman said...

@yorksnbeans thanks for dropping a comment off - I agree the celebrities on the list are not what I expected. I think MJ had a hard time with money or the control of it anyway.

Pat Fortunato said...

Yes, I was surprised about Einstein, but I was also surprised at the extent of the reaction to Michael Jackson's death. I thought that he had lost a lot of popularity because of the scandals, but it seems he's still POPular enough!

Nothing Profound said...

Funny to think dead celebrities are worth more than the rest of us are alive. I suppose that's a fitting tribute to this idiotic world.

Mark said...

Interesting post - I hadn't heard about this phenomenon, but it makes perfect sense considering that modern celebrities have a parallel corporate identity that is essentially completely separate from who they are as people.

Bill Lisleman said...

@Pat Fortunato - I only wish Einstein could get that type of coverage. My guess is parents buying Baby Einstein products probably don't know much about relativity but just equate his name with genius.

@nothing profound - Worth in the dollar sense often doesn't make sense to me either.

@Mark - I'm no lawyer but it seems that after the first set of heirs are gone the copyright stuff should go public.

Lilly said...

Your posts are always interesting and I love the way you link in other bits of information too. I cant access the Forbes list for some reason. Albert Einstein wow!

The whole MJ thing is a circus is it not. Poor guy at least he will be at peace. It will be a nightmare to sort out no doubt.

Yes we are ahead of you in time so we will know before you do if the world ends, lol!

Enjoyed the posts and I thnk all of us of a certain age group will remember both of these celebrities warmly (regardless of MJ's later issues).

Bill Lisleman said...

@lilly - thanks - don't know what the Forbes list problem was. I did just try it and it throws and ad screen at you first. Maybe that's interfering with your settings?

I was wondering if you had some interesting stories about crossing the date line since you are closer to it. I suspect you have crossed it many times. I have crossed four times (two round trips). Jet lag is so fun.

Joanna Jenkins said...

The Dead List, huh!?! I'd hate to have that job. But I'm SURE Michael Jackson will top the list for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and beyond.

Bill Lisleman said...

@Joanna Jenkins - I think it would be interesting researching how much money these dead celebrities are bringing in. From the reports (plenty of coverage) it sounds like he had money problems. I got the impression that he needed this next tour to keep afloat.

Kelli Piperata said...


Bill Lisleman said...

@kelli P - thanks - please come back again.

Joanna Jenkins said...

The Dead List, huh!?! I'd hate to have that job. But I'm SURE Michael Jackson will top the list for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and beyond.

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