Tuesday, June 23, 2009

interesting walk

Next year I'm not missing this special "World" day that I just missed. Last week, actually June 19, was World Sauntering Day. W.T. Rabe, created the "holiday" in the 70's at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan. (side note - Mackinac Island is the perfect place to saunter because motorized vehicles are banned there. I've sauntered around their fudge shops years ago.)

Sauntering - I should tell people that's what I doing when my bum left heel acts up and I hobble along sorta strange.

I'm not a runner. Never was never will be.

I dreaded track time in high school. It made no sense to run around the same oval again and again. My last serious running was in Air Force training. Hiking is good. The view changes.

But the more I think about it --

I could be a saunterer. Are there saunter clubs?

Interested in sauntering around? Don't want to get lost?

Google is working on some help right now. You probably know of Google Maps and their Street View option. Now Google's Street View is expanding onto the footpath. They are starting with college campuses and footpaths in the UK.

google mapper
(AP Photo/Mark Stehle)

So many uses/apps for google maps - one's imagination couldn't come close to thinking them up. Over in New York they are using google maps to track maple syrup smells. It's a big mystery I guess.

Next thing will be google suggested sauntering routes!

More links on Sauntering Day -- link 1 link 2


Banoffi said...

Sauntering. I will join your club of saunterers. That I can manage. So whens our first club meeting. Shall I saunter over to you or you over her, lol

As for Google street view - its great for businesses but not really private homes. Have you seen soem of the shocking images they have captures of people in streets doing questionable things? Ow.

Bill Lisleman said...

@banoffi thanks - I guess club meetings would need to be on-the-move but slowly with no definite direction.

Google street view - they got my place quite awhile ago. I don't mind. Nobody was out front. I guess if they quickly respond to complaints I don't think it that bad. It's a public street after all. They blur faces and license plates.

I checked your blog - nothing up there for awhile - you should post something.

alantru said...

What a brilliant idea! Sauntering is the one thing I don't totally suck at.

Bill Lisleman said...

@alantru - I'm the same way. Only power walkers would suck at sauntering. Oh maybe a marching team too.

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