Tuesday, June 16, 2009

tech fake fraud or fun

Over at Lilly's Life is a post about picture technology and how it can be misused.

Well I consider this a technology story because about 15 years ago the technology for it to happened didn't exist. Actually the story involves a number of technologies that are converging to create both new options and new problems.

So here's the brief summary of the story. Lady from St. Louis posts a nice photo of her family (herself, husband, two kids) on some social community sites (believe it was facebook). Somebody thought it was a great picture and the picture ends up in a big store ad in the CZECH REPUBLIC. A college friend noticed it and alerted her.

If you check the story further, you'll learn that the family got interviewed on a morning TV show because of it. (not such a bad outcome)

The photo wasn't even modified much. Now modifying photos is a fun thing that I've played around with. I've made some special birthday cards with photos. I don't use the expensive photoshop just shareware and tools that came with the digital camera. I'm no expert in this.

This slideshow shows two things I did NOT do.
There a picture of me NOT hosting a TV show and another picture of me NOT at a red carpet event.

That last picture - the one of me, Cyndi Lauper and Freddie Mercury hanging out. They are wax. But is that much different than if I doctored a photo? What about those cardboard cut-outs stick their heads in? It's just easier to do it digitally.

On his blog, CJ also shows some altered photos that may have had a political impact.

One interesting aspect of this is how society starts using new technology without thinking about possible downsides. Don't misunderstand - I love digital photography, social sites (I'm blogger duh) internet communications and most technology. I'm suggesting people think a little more before acting.

Technology users benefit from giving some thought to how the technology might have negative impacts before they jump in. Sharing is great but often your control of who you share with is very limited. I posted about some great Chicago pictures. In this case the photographer wanted good control so he paid to join a photo site. Remember that saying - get what you pay for.

Technology keeps advancing (good) but the bad guys always find an unintended harmful use for it.


alantru said...

Unfortunatey it's what the bad guys do.

Nice post! Thanks!

lisleman said...

@alantru as always thanks for stopping by and saying hi

Ellie Great said...


alantru said...

Always my pleasure.

Lilly said...

He he, actually those pics look great. you and Cindi and Freddie, woo hoo!! Wouldn't you hate to be in the public eye? Well I guess you are now.

lisleman said...

@ellie great - thanks

@alantru - speaking of pleasure, I posted an old cigarette ad that tells you how to get pleasure. It's over on the "another circus" blog see link on the side.

@lilly thanks - public? Hmm well more exposure of the blog would be good. I suspect we would agree that having paparazzi in your face and being criticized on the news would be terrible. No wonder they get into drugs.

Ocean Girl said...

I was really scared when I learned that my teenage children were on facebook and had blogs. I was worried that their words and pictures might be abused and misused or they might abuse and misuse the internet and technology.

Now I am hooked on facebook and learning to blog and "talking to strangers".

lisleman said...

@ocean girl - I wish I knew a quick reference for you to keep up on the latest internet threats. Just being online can open up problems. I recall my daughter starting up an online relationship with some stranger once - we ended it.

The biggest problem is being naive and thinking those bad things won't happen to me. Well probably nothing will happen but you must keep your guard up. So many scammers and bad people out there.

It good that you are learning first hand about it.

Don't be scared just cautious.

Nothing Profound said...

I used to run a home telephone service. One of my clients owned and ran a summer nudist colony. A guest at his resort took pictures of his own children and friends they met at the colony and posted them on the web. My client got arrested for distributing child pornography on the web and is currently awaiting trial Bizarre, huh!

lisleman said...

@nothing profound - wow that's a strange one.

I bet there are thousands of pics of kids in the tub or naked on the beach and those pics are not sexual.

Hopefully the court will give the right result. I can't say I have ever known a nudist.

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