Monday, April 20, 2009

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lego catapult
Picture from the eternal ephemeron blog

One of the news items on the last "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" show was about longtime UK resident, Joe Weston-Webb.

The Nottinghamshire Police informed him that is chicken dung catapult would be illegal to use as a security device. It's not use of “reasonable force”. It's a large one - 30 ft long.

Ok that itself is a strange humorous news story.


The background story is better than the current headline story.

Why does he happen to have a catapult?

Well Joe of Grumpy Joe’s Flooring
had this catapult left over from the days he was trying to throw his wife across the river.


Stop - lets listen in as the two converse in the garden:

Mrs. Gumpy - "Joe I told you to get rid of that damn catapult years ago."

Grumpy - "Just come over here and help me load it."

Mrs. Gumpy - "Oh no, you are NOT putting me on that again. What is that awful smell?"

Grumpy - "Oh, shit."


Joe of Grumpy Joe’s Flooring was a stuntman in years past. He also has a cannon that can be loaded with a person. Around his place is an exploding coffin (how often would you need one of those?) and a car with wings.

He really needs to write a book. People will want to know.

Telegraph UK
Times Online

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