Thursday, April 16, 2009

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facebook page

I had doubts about joining facebook. My daughters finally convinced me that maybe it made sense for sharing photos, etc. So I joined. I found it confusing. More confusing than setting up a blog.

Well then my involvement expanded. A fellow blogger who's blog I recently discovered (blog title is Cooking for Assholes) announced that he had a facebook page for his blog. I checked it out and became a fan.

So now I learned that there are friends and fans on facebook.

This blogger then suggested that I put a page up for this blog on facebook. It was easier to start the blog than a facebook page of a blog. But after much clicking around I figured it out.

One daughter setup a page for her dog. The facebook application is called dogbook. I think dogface would be a much better name.

Now I confused. Am I a friend, fan or just a crap picker upper of her dog?

Hey if you are a facebook member you are invited to become a fan of this blog.

Facebook page for this blog

(hmm thinking of application/service names - is there a shitfaced service?)
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Lilly said...

Funny. I now am a twitterer (even though I bagged it) and have never ventured into facebook territory. I find it offensive that so many people have so many 'friends'. Or are they fans?

Ainav said...

I gotta say that I really enjoy Facebook, although I haven't yet tried to use it as a serious tool for marketing my blog. There is definitely a lot of potential there.

lisleman said...

@lilly So you tried twitter and bagged it? - I take that to mean you don't use it. Maybe the appeal of these social sites is showing off your popularity.

@ainav so far facebook is ok but it seems to take too much time and if you don't change your settings it fills your inbox. I'm not as sure as you are about the blog marketing potential. I'm still in the experiment stage.

eddie said...

just can't face it...I'm just sooo myspace...but i am twittering..can't say it's gr8..

see.. there I'm working on my

netbonics...see that..

i'm contemporary really..
I'm with it don't you know..

ok done ...back to my seagrams7 , lazyboy

and Dostoevsky ..

lisleman said...

@eddie thanks for stopping
a little seagrams7 and you can join my shitfaced community.

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