Friday, April 10, 2009

dance dance party party

- A special activity just for ladies -
Dance Dance Party Party

DDPP chicago

Do live in Chicagoland?
If yes, then you might be interested in this. Also, it has spread to other cities.

I know the co-founders, the Jenn's, of this weekly activity. Of course, being the wrong gender I never have witnessed one of these Dance Dance Party Party events. However I have seen the Jenn's dancing at some weddings. They get into their own little world on the dance floor.

But my lack of rhythm and dance ability would not matter because that's the idea here. It's like dancing in you living room but with some other living room dancers. No rules, no men, max dance

Depending when you read this you might be able to go free.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15th & SUNDAY, APRIL 19th... the Chicago chapter of Dance Dance Party Party will be FREE to ALL

Here's some links about DDPP
a blog
a site

a public radio piece on Chicago's DDPP

The following explains why guys are NOT allowed in


Click Here For Funny Images at
Funny Crazy Dance

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alantru said...

Whoa! That image is a class "7 H"

Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Bill Lisleman said...

that a new rating system for me.

thanks for stopping be

Mikes Sumondong said...

he looks yuck to me. ewww


alantru said...

My pleasure. Always lots of fun stuff happening here! The image inspired the 7 H.

Bill Lisleman said...

yeah I agree it's gross - if you can stand to look at the picture you'll notice the moving was done by just flipping the picture.

@ alantru you are very inventive - the 7H made me think of 4H which is farming related club for kids. Now I need to look up what the H's stand for.

3L said...

The picture is quite troubling but I can't turn away.

Bill Lisleman said...

yeah like a train wreck
at least I don't anyone was hurt except probably his mother's heart.

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