Monday, April 13, 2009

award I didn't know existed

shopping cart

The lonely shopping cart just tossed aside after it's been used - so sad.

Well somebody thought abandoned shopping carts would make an interesting theme for a youtube campaign.

Most anyone who has spent sometime on youtube knows companies use it for advertising but I didn't know of this award. The 2009 INTERNET ADVERTISING COMPETITION AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN INTERNET ADVERTISING goes to:

I'm a little surprised I didn't notice it on youtube. The series is about a
Shopping Cart Whisperer. Some of the clips got over a million views. After discovering this, I decided this one is my favorite.

Look at what can happen if you get too attached to your computer screen. I don't think his boss took the time to understand him.

I stumbled on this today while I was checking on stocks. One of them is VRSN (Verisign).

I think the metal shopping carts are far superior to those thick plastic ones. Except when they get rusted.

Still interested? really? here's more at this site.

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BettieBlogger said...

your blog is great .. what a terrific sense of humour you have lol ... on my way to add you to my blogroll now !

take care,


lisleman said...

@bettie thanks - comments are good and even better with compliments included.

LLnL said...

I like your YouTube eye. Who wants to see the same old predictable stuff, this is weird but has heart (hard to accomplish both.)

lisleman said...

@llnl thanks - I put most of my video finds on my other blog

I know you've been there so you know but I just want to plug it here if anyone is reading these comments.

I think posting videos help people discover new stuff. You can browse around youtube but finding one on a familiar blog is like a movie review.

yami said...

You have an amusing blog here. Good job! :)

lisleman said...

@yami I took a read of some of your posts and dropped off a comment on your blog.
thanks for stopping by - please take a look around. There's a search button to check out the older posts.

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