Friday, February 27, 2009

Hey Mr Banker read the paper

reading newspaper

In today's Chicago Tribune, David Greising, writes:
"... that bankers at Northern Trust would fly in hundreds of clients to the Los Angeles golf tournament that bears its name, wine them, dine them, house them and serenade them with the likes of Sheryl Crow, no less.

Blaming bankers for acting that way is like blaming a dog for chasing a cat. What's new here, though, is the taxpayer money they have received.... "
Ok, some bankers might not read the newspaper or the blogs but come on are you living in a penthouse so high in the sky you can't hear the complaints???

With the loud outcry about the bankers' bailout and wasting our money, I'm surprised there are still some bankers that just don't get it.

Thanks to Chicago Tribune for putting this on the top of the business section (should be front page article).

Hey you bankers -- don't go breaking my TARP!

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