Sunday, February 15, 2009

Grilled TARP CEO's

Do you watch CSPAN?

Even a news junkie needs their eyes propped open for that channel. But they get some good material.

You may have watched some CSPAN on Jon Stewart's Daily Show but didn't know it.

Well, here's an idea for improving a CSPAN clip - add your own audio track. Before the digital youtube era that was done by muting the TV and playing the stereo.

Here's the Bank CEO's in front of Congress.

Please CEO - don't go breaking my TARP

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Linda said...

They should have to squirm much more after taking our money and doing what they want!

lisleman said...

@ Linda
thanks for dropping by with a comment

I can think of things better than squirming. On the grilling theme, I suggest they take a tour of the country (their own expense) and apologize and give us some free grilled food. Free cook out under the TARP with your least favorite CEO.

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