Tuesday, October 07, 2008

do the fish care

fish toilet

Well at least it doesn't cost a fortune like the Japanese high-tech toilet, I posted about long ago.

I wonder if you really like fish would you want them as part of your toilet? I guess if you lived in small place that had no place for a fish tank maybe this would be an answer.

The only advantage I see in this is the short trip down the toilet for the dead ones.

Well the stock market is down the tubes so maybe more creative things like this will cheer us up.

You can find out more at the site with the catchy name - fish 'n flush


Ryan said...

I think those things are cruel and insensible! fish will not appreaciete the constant banging when you lift the lid, and this is just me, but i wouldn't be able to pee if i saw all those fish watching my.....you know.

lisleman said...

ryan thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment - also thanks for keeping the language clean.

well i have no idea of what or even if fish think or would be upset - just being in any tank might not be so great - on the plus side they get fed and don't need to worry about predators - cruel did not come to my mind but it does appear to be a dumb idea - who wants to spend that much time in their bathroom?

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