Saturday, August 16, 2008

mini bull

mini cattle

Since I posted this, my records show that this picture is very popular. I also consider it a very cute picture. Mini Bull and toddler - great combo

But the picture site I used for the blog Imageshack must have some limit on the number of times the picture is shown. Over the months I noticed this picture (and others ) don't always display. Any readers know more about this problem - please comment below.

Here's where I found the picture :
Little Moos picture web album

And here's the picture again (if imageshack is displaying you get the picture twice)

I learned today that there are miniature cattle. In fact there are various breeds of mini cows and mini bulls. Now I don't have the land or inclination to become a cowboy anytime soon but it might make sense to start small.

One big benefit of the mini cattle is less feed and land for grazing. I read at one site that 3-4 acres is enough for a few of them.

So if I ever move out to some western state maybe I could start ranching on a real small scale. Might not be a bad idea for getting fresh milk.

Some people get them for pets. Remember the pot belly pig pets about 20 years ago?? I think a mini bull would be better.

Thanks to Little Moos for the above picture.
Here's some reasons to go small (maybe W should try this in retirement)

I wonder if they can moo very loud.

=========moooore info=====================
This link has other links about mini cattle and also an active message board.

If you happened here looking for mini cattle info those links above should be good, but if you are interesting in odd fun stuff check out my other blog.

If you want a list of other strange posting I've done here then click this.
==============yet another update =============
Well I wish I had more mini cattle/cow/bull info or stories to share but I don't.
Here's some more posts about pets.
Also, I checked those links above in the original post and they are still good links.
thanks for stopping by.
OH if you know MORE about mini cattle/cow/bull PLEASE leave a comment below.


Lilly said...

Oh, thanks for sending me this link. Now thats the way to do it! How tiny are they? I agree a mini bull would be better than a pig. Thanks for sending me this link. Great blog you have I will be back!

Bill Lisleman said...

glad to help
just found this interesting but have no plans to raise cows of any size

Anonymous said...

wow thanks for the links i never knew these animals existed

Anonymous said...

just one mini cow picture showing but all the links are good - thanks

lisleman said...

check this out

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