Thursday, October 04, 2007

did you notice

OK - space - google
Two subjects that interest me.
I really like it when Google creates special logo's to mark historic days.

Well, the space race started 50 years ago today. I thought the write-up in USA Today (the web site - I assume the hard copy had the same) was good. The article points out the difference now in attitude of Americans about the space race compared to then. If you don't know already, the big push for reaching the moon was political and "Cold War" related.

Today the "Cold War" has been replaced by a terrorist war. I don't imagine any terrorist group would have or want any plans to say land a man on Mars. So today we have a very different world situation. You know China has a space program and I wonder if they were to land man on Mars before us, would we feel that we blew it?

I wonder how many people make the connection between Sputnik and the current widely used GPS system.

The special web pages over at Nasa are worth a look too.

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