Sunday, September 30, 2007

tacky tactics

A NFL related story was part of this week's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" radio game show. Apparently, the No Fun League (NFL) thinks the cheerleaders could distract players. I thought they only distracted the fans.

colts cheerleaders

Here's story on this from the Indy channel 6 news.

According to the report the teams are not allowed to have their cheerleaders warm-up or stretch in front of the opposing team before the game.

In the above article they asked a married player about this and he (smartly) said:
"I didn't even know there were cheerleaders in the NFL."
Ok, you might know I don't normal post anything about the NFL but this was good excuse to put that picture up here.

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Bill Lisleman said...

hey this was posted with another picture - a better picture I might say but maybe the owner of the picture decided to claim it or something because the picture seems to have disappeared from my collection of pictures at image shack.

I found this other picture of the colts cheerleaders so hopefully it will stay.

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