Thursday, May 31, 2007

You forget they are friends

Hey - hope you find this as interesting as I did. BTW - I don't have as much time to post anymore which is good news for the income side of things.

Anyway back to the video - The Wall Street Journal hosted this big tech conference called "D: All Things Digital"

This is just one of the many clips of the conference that are on their site. There is even a video by Stephen Colbert that is typical Colbert report.

Considering the common gig size memories today, it becomes hard to believe what was done with 128K on the first Mac. Well they talk about that and other tidbits of history.

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Bill Lisleman said...

just trying this to see if it works ok - it is annoying that you first need to sit through and ad before you get to see the clip - hey I just picked the clip up from the wallstreet site I mentioned (and gave links to) in the post

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