Monday, May 21, 2007

for a good time call ....


I must admit I never trusted a number on a bathroom wall, but it was a good song. It certainly was a one hit wonder - do you remember who made it a hit??

I didn't either, but it was easy to find out - It was Tommy Tutone
Not a bad web site either - even has some downloads

Well it seems that there is a legal battle over this number. The oddest thing to me is who is fighting this in court - two plumbing companies (click the link for details).
I don't know plumbing and Jenny - seems like a strange mix to me.

Oh in case you forgot the song - here's a short clip

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Bill Lisleman said...

hey - don't know if anyone tried to play the little clip - but I think the settings were wrong so it should play now - of course it might be that no one noticed since the readership has dropped off from its already low level.

well just in case anyone might have wondered why it didn't play

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