Thursday, May 24, 2007

could of been a promo for Airfone - SoaP

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Ok - yes I know this movie is OLD news (if you were on the web in 06 - I don't know how you would of missed it) but today there was a real news story that you would think was a promo for the movie. (maybe they are pushing the DVD??)

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Customs officers in Cairo stopped a passenger that was trying to bring live snakes on a flight.
Here's a link from the Chicago Tribune article.

Well, I thought - Airfone could of had some real fun getting involved with the movie. Product placement - Oh please note - I never saw the movie - only trailers.

You know if you had live snakes on a plane - would you not (after the panic subsided) want to CALL someone??? That would be one good revenue flight for Airfone.
OMG you are NOT going to believe this - there are f'ing snakes on our plane!!

Sure makes air travel interesting.

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