Monday, April 23, 2007

really i need to move off this subject

I don't know what it is but I seem to keep seeing stories related to toilets. As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I like Sheryl Crow music and think she is talented and good looking. She comes across much more intelligent in that video clip (see the post) than she does in this blog entry on her web site. Also, she was on Larry King a few months ago and talked seriously about breast cancer.

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So what am I talking about? - Well she's on this global warming tour with Laurie David (Larry David's wife - if you know who he is) and writing a blog on her web site.

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So in her blog (who knows if she really wrote it) Sheryl writes (see above link to her post):

..I propose a limitation be put on how many sqares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting....
Now maybe it's a joke or some dumb way to get more attention, but I'm not sure if starting with toilet paper is most effective way to work on global warming. Who knows, did she think too many have gone after cars and fuel and she needed something different?

Now I am wondering what she thinks of goofy kids decorating their friends homes with TP. Maybe she could start with stopping this crazy past time. I consider it pretty harmless, but wow how many trips to the restroom are flying in the breeze at homes like this one?

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