Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i swear they are out there

On to another subject, maybe on to another world completely. A new earth??

(image from PPARC)
There's news in the science area of new discoveries all the time but it sure seems that they just don't get the attention that sex and violence stories get.

Well this new planet discovery is getting some good coverage. I first saw it mentioned on the front page of the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday. It might get more coverage in Europe since it was European scientists that reported the finding.

The big news in this is the size and temperature of the place is similar to our lovely life producing place. Just maybe, there's water and you can go fishing there.

I think to really get some attention the aliens from this planet would need to have a sexual affair with some celebrities.

Well that certainly would be a long long distance affair since this place is 20 LIGHT YEARS away.

I predict that by the time we advance space travel to the level that would allow such trips, we will not even have sex anymore. It will be replaced with some new service that you probably will be able to access on you personal communicator (cellphone gadget thingy). But on the other hand, no sex will mean no media reporting and those people would fight hard to keep their jobs so who knows.

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