Monday, January 01, 2007

new year - new plans?

Appears this guy is thinking about his next move - do I want to get out of this hot spring? You can find this picture and more info at National Geographic.

Well, now seems to be the time we ponder our next move more than usual. Maybe its stepping into that whole new year that makes us think more about the future.

Thinking of plans (the smaller type plan), more than a week ago Kelly suggested a lunch meeting on Martin Luther King day. Keeping to our regular two week schedule we are due for another one tomorrow but given the holidays many maybe still traveling or at least getting settled again, but it doesn't hurt to try.

Anyway, here's a simple New Year's resolution - attend the Jan. 15, 07 lunch at Fuddruckers.


Lab Rat said...

I once visited a place in Japan that had hot springs and monkeys (maybe Sasebo). It was winter and there was snow on the ground, but it was comfortably warm near the many geothermal vents. The monkeys, safe in a park/preserve, seemed pretty content, too.

As for the lunch tomorrow, is anyone planning on going? It would be a long ride for me to eat alone, but I'll go if anyone else does.

Bill Lisleman said...

hey that's interesting - did you click over to the national geographic site? Maybe it was the same place?

My only time in Japan was at the airports (just passing thru).

I'm planning on Fuddruckers tomorrow - I imagine we might have five or six show up.

Bill Lisleman said...

hey lab rat - let's keep those FREE hamburgers from Fuddrucker a SECRET. Too bad NOBODY but us showed up to get them!

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