Friday, December 29, 2006

Just a tip

I had one of my last discussions with my Spherion career consultant the other day. A few items worth passing along came from our talk. One topic that is a good tip for all xfoners - remember that "job search expenses" are most likely tax deductible for you. Now this is just a tip from a friend and I certainly don't do tax accounting. Since mileage going to interviews and such is part of job searching, it's good to know the standard mileage rate for filing. The rate for business use of a vehicle for 2006 is 44½ cents per mile. (see schedule A, form 1040)

So this book, "Boom or Bust" by Carleen Mackay and Brad Taft was recommended reading and it would be a job search expense. I think those job networking meetings we have at Fuddruckers are job search expenses too.

So this author Carleen Mackay works for Spherion and also has a career/job blog

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