Monday, January 08, 2007

google rated number 1 for best work place

VERY interesting to see what the top rated workplace is like (check this). Talk about perks - dogs, haircuts, free food, scooters, laundry room etc.

I sure hope they set the standard for other companies to follow.

I still miss that free coffee at VZAF.

Seriously - does any of you know someone at Google. I have a resume ready to send them.


Unknown said...

It's an amazing place to work. Smart people, focused management, and seriously hard interesting problems. The perks are nice and often focused upon since they're easy to understand (try explaining software version control to your grandmother, for example). :-)


Bill Lisleman said...

software control - yeah your grandmother would NOT have a clue, how about your boss? at least you work at place where your upper management gets it. I've been at a few that didn't - kinda scary sometimes

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