Saturday, January 06, 2007

still there

Well, I was at the Science and Industry Museum and discovered that seatphones are STILL THERE!

our phones are still on display, but of course IT IS A MUSEUM - duh.
I wonder how many Chicagoland visitors know that company behind the phones was located in the area. I remember when the 727 was placed on display and that we donated phones. Did any of you work on that project?

Well here's another shot of this GIANT plane landing on the loop.


wkellyo said...

The two 727's I flew on (DIA-BIL & BIL-DIA) both... BOTH still had seatfones installed on the aircraft. There were powered off of course, and they even had the little VZ logo still on them. No cover or anything stating that they were out-of-service.

I do not think they were on the 777's as they were both over ocean aircraft and to be honest, I was too busy enjoying table lines and my own personal TV screen!

I was rather upset that I didn't get any slippers though.

Bill Lisleman said...

what's with the first class/biz class on your recent flights? did you come into some extra cash? you mentioned it on your blog and also indirectly here. slippers yeah - I've lucked out on a few (too few) international flights and had slippers but most times they are just a well padded sock thing

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