Thursday, November 30, 2006

gift idea - online shopping suggestion

I found this web site mentioned in a Chicago Tribune article the other day. The article was about "cyber-monday" which is an interesting "sign of the times" story in itself. I find a benefit to online shopping. But as I was checking out some of the web sites mentioned, I found this one that turned out to be a very useful one for me.

Maybe you have a situation like mine with family scattered around the country. If you give gift certificates then this site will help your search for restaurants gift certificates. Also in my particular case my daughter just moved so neither of us are very familiar with the area. Two other benefits - the actual gift certificate can be printed out or emailed and the site keeps track if it has been used so if it is lost (and not used) you can just print it again. But the best part - you buy the certificate (maybe some would say coupon) at a discount like $25 off for only $10.

Check it out - thanks dining certificates for just $10

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