Tuesday, November 28, 2006

advice for dad

I found this funny clip.

Do you have a teenage daughter? Then check this advice.

Oh, I really enjoy the daughter's acting or lack thereof.

You really need the right pants for this kinda of action. See more at Haggar.com (really I didn't get any free pants or anything)

BTW - I tried to upload this clip (Guba account). After over an hour I gave-up waiting for the "pending" to clear. This clip is coming from lulu.tv. You can try yourself go to Haggar for the download.


wkellyo said...

I went to the Haggar site. There are four clips that are all pretty funny. If you go, read the print ads too.

lisleman said...

yes I watched the other clips but both my wife and I agree this one is the funniest one.

I took a quick look at the print ads but didn't read them closely.

Hey did you ever connect up with other xfoners in the loop?

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