Friday, October 20, 2006

telemarketer time

Maybe some of you are having this problem (share it with us). Now that I am home more than ever, I have noticed the telemarketers calls more than ever.

If you don't happen to be on Dreamweaver's email, you probably have not heard this great prank played on a telemarketer. I think it's real, but either way it's listening to it is a great laugh. If you don't have her email address let me know I pass your request to her.

So I checked the Do Not Call list thing (click here). To my surprise my number was not registered - well now it is. Found out it's good for 5 years. But to be honest I don't know if it really works. Does anyone know how to file a complaint for this? Will people bother to file a complaint?

So while I suggest registering, I find another approach better. Waste their time. Have some fun with them at their expense. I told one nice sounding young lady just yesterday that she should consider another job - some other field of work. She actually talked about the idea. Told another to send me a contribution since I was out of work, he wouldn't take my address.

What I would like to do is get a telemarketer on a three way call with someone. We could discuss what they are pushing. I suspect they might hangup if you put them on hold.

Here's a the funny site (I think this is it anyway) that the telemarketer prank came from.


wkellyo said...

I had one call me on my office phone last week. They were some group based in Denver wanting to know if I wanted the Trib delivered to my office.

While I didn't swear at the little beggar, some of my office mates said I was a tad too curt with the fellow.

Bill Lisleman said...

It is strange that telemarketer would call an office - i assume they check out the numbers to see if they are residential. my understanding is they buy the numbers which is why we get many charities calling since we have donated to some causes in the past.

these unwanted calls are worst than the junk mail and the spam. we all pay for spam since it is using up so much of the internet.

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