Tuesday, October 03, 2006

one more shot

This clip is a little better. Oh, one more comment about Guba, it takes many minutes (15 or more) before the uploaded video is available for public viewing.

Here's two pictures (carpet has more but I thought two videos and a couple of pictures were enough to fill the post.

Just wondering - I think these camera phones are better than nothing, but don't seem to replace having a camera for an event you are planning to take a pictures. In otherwords if you happen to be somewhere that you didn't think you would be taking pictures, well they are handy. Most buy them for the phone part - right? Just curious of others experiences with these cameras cellphones.

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wkellyo said...

I typically will take my camera bag if I know I am going to be taking pictures. I have used the camera function on my cell a few times and I have had mixed results.

I bought the phone mainly for the Bluetooth function, not that it could take pictures.

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