Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy Halloween

Does anyone still watch Charlie Brown and that great pumpkin? Did "smashing pumpkins" ever write a song about Halloween? (this site might know)

Here's something I found on Halloween:
“Halloween continues to be the second-biggest holiday for decorating next to the winter holiday. For many consumers, Halloween, not Thanksgiving, now marks the beginning of the decorating season. Consumers will spend $1.5 billion to decorate both the inside and outside of their homes.”

It's fun to pass out candy and I remember some fun Halloween contests at the "old" Tellabs. The place got too big and I doubt they even do it anymore.


Lab Rat said...

One of the scariest things about this Halloween is that it means that more than two months have gone by since we lost our jobs. I can't say that I've accomplished much in that time, and next to nothing in the way of lining up a new job.

Maybe I should just relax and go trick-or-treating - dressed as a giant rat, of course.

Bill Lisleman said...

thinking about the unknown future can be scary - fear of the unknown - I think we all have ups and downs - I sure do - there is real payoff in being positive though - one of the positive things of this job loss was the time to reflect on what the next step could be - but then comes the scary part doing something about it

well you learned more about blogs - for whatever that's worth

Bill Lisleman said...

thinking about blogs - this blogger service certainly has it's problems - my previous comment shows up this page but doesn't get counted or show up when I click on comments - buggy stuff

Bill Lisleman said...

Ok now it worked - like "it" was reading some complaints and fixed itself - spooky software

wkellyo said...

Taking your comment about the "old" Tellabs, there were a fair number of employees who dressed up for Halloween at my job yesterday.

I wasn't going to do anything, heck I think the last time I dressed up for Halloween was 1993 and the last time outside of going bar hopping was in grade school.

Anyhoo, I went as one of the Carlson brothers, probably better known as the Hanson brothers from the Paul Newman movie, Slapshot.

Two chicks and about a dozen or guys recognized me. The rest thought I was just a hockey player. I even put on the foil.

Bill Lisleman said...

could you post a picture of yourself in costume?

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