Thursday, August 31, 2006

what's up for discussion?

Someone commented awhile ago that this blog activity would pick up after everyone left. Well there are some comments but I thought there would be more.

Maybe after our severance checks clear?

Maybe most took off for some vacation time?

Maybe my postings just don't stir much interest? (hey I could understand this, I'm just trying my hand at this)

So here's some topics:
Airline industry - one of most hated industries? I suspect more people hate the oil industry.

The internet - you are on the internet right? What's all this broadband going to mean.

Xfoner memories? I had some great trips to the UK back in the 90's. How about learning some more about those WAEA shows. Remember Moby?

Good chili recipes? Hey I'm thinking outside of the box here.

Good marketing sayings/lingo/BS? How about this recent one "monetize"?

Ideas for working from home? Anyone have one? Blogging doesn't look very promising.

Where to get free coffee now that I've been cut off from the free stuff at work.

What's the best industry for jobs? (one's with free coffee - would that be an ok question in an interview?)

Speaking of interviews - any good stories on this subject - I heard some were given tests.


wkellyo said...

I remember one trip I took from JFK to LAX back on October '03. The handsets and the JC startup page both displayed Continental, yet I was flying on United.

To top it off, the TV screens that came down said if a passenger needed to make a call, the flight was equipped with GTE Airfones.

I spent a short time with one of the LAX techs showing him these things when I landed in California.

Bill Lisleman said...

yes - I also had my unemployment letter in yesterday's mail.
stock options - my timing was such that I didn't have any - but from what I have heard I didn't miss much.
If your option price is 31 and the going price is 35.18 (just took a look), I would say sell it. I have no clue on the number of options but the $4 per share adds up. Even if you are taking about, say, $80.00 it's still $80.00. I assume you know who to call about it. I would think you could do it over the phone pretty quickly.

Bill Lisleman said...

hey no comment on the picture???

Anonymous said...

If you use the cashless option on the Fidelity site, you'll exercise and sell in one fell swoop. It's pretty easy... just go to Like Lisleman says, $80 is $80 (or whatever you get!). Better it in your pocket!! Options expire on 9/4/06.

Bill Lisleman said...

gamble a day or two??? Do you know its labor day weekend - market is closed on Monday.

wkellyo said...

Not sure if the link is going to survive posting to the blog or not, but these are the coffee makers at my new job. They also make tea!

The great thing is you always get a fresh cup and do not need to worry about Risbybrew or some of those awful tasting flavored coffees. 'Course Irish Creme is the exception to the flavored rule!

Lab Rat said...

Does that mean that if you didn't exercise the options by Friday, you're out of luck?

Lab Rat said...

By the way, where did you get that picture?

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone,

A few things:
1. I exercised and sold my stock options yesterday (Friday, September 1) after the market closed. I had 61 shares at the closing price of $35.57, so received $241.56 minus taxes of $86.12 to receive cash in my Fidelity account of $155.44.

This included:
Gross sale proceeds of $2,169.77
Exercise cost of $1,928.21
Total tax withholding of $86.12
Total Cost to exercise $2,014.33
Cash Proceeds of $155.44

I think you can still exercise your share unit Monday. I may be wrong but it is worth a try to look in to it. Worth $155.44 to try. Go to and check. I Lisleman say $80 is $80 or in this case $155.44 is $155.44

2. I went to the AirCell job fair on Tuesday. There were almost as many ex-Airfone people as non-Airfone people there. I was there at 10:00 (opening time) and talked with Ben Valley and Archie Alorro about the new company. I then talked with Mark Malosh, the new VP of Operations, for about 15 minutes. I talked with Paul Gonsalves on Thursday and he was at the job fair around 2:00. He said there was no one there, except for a few AirCell people. Ben and Archie had left to go see the new offices in Itasca.

3. I joined the LinkedIn network this week. I hope to keep in touch with most of you there. As well as on this blog. (thanks Bill)

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify on the stock options; there is no out of pocket moneys required to exercise the stock. Just fill in the form on the Fidelity web site that you want to exercise your options and they will put the $155.44 in your Fidelity account. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the form. Don’t lose out on what is yours.

Bill Lisleman said...

thanks lab rat for noticing the picture. I made it from old sales stuff. That little stress ball airplane looks quite large in that picture - oh the wonders of digital pictures.

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