Thursday, August 17, 2006

Better than Northworst

I read a story on this in the paper and found more on the story at the Duluth News Tribune

Why do companies make such dumb mistakes. Nothing like rubbing salt on a wound as they say. Overall, the experience of this layoff/shutdown has been good. Do you think the handling of these unlucky employees matches up with the handling of their business?


Eryn said...

what an interesting photo. i miss having to follower all the airline gossip. now i follow car gossip.

Bill Lisleman said...

you always need good pictures.

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. car gossip? That sounds more boring than airline gossip. Well the big car news today came from Ford, but that's about new cars so does that effect you and the resale market?

Some other airline related news you may not heard about - Connexion by Boeing is closing. Check out the Boeing site if you want more info.

wkellyo said...

I traded in my avionics gossip for... well I suppose you could say financial gossip. Although I won't be able to go into details outside of work as there are more regulations at my new digs than there were at my old location.

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