Sunday, August 13, 2006

not at all like our auction

A posting or two ago, I reported that FCC auction 66 started. VZW is bidding under the name Cellco. You can read about some of the action and the players here at BusinessWeek

A huge difference from our experience is the number of licenses (over a 1000) and the fact that it is not limited to aircraft. So there is really not much to compare. But with the advantage of the rearview mirror look, if we had Cellco as the bidder, the outcome would have been totally different. I think they know how to win when they really want to. I am interested to see how many licenses they pick in this one.

So one question for anyone reading this - do you care about this auction at all? Is it interesting or just so much meaningless news like "7eleven buys White Hen". Actually, that story may affect me more since I shop at the White Hen near me (chickens ? what is it lately - so many things connected to chickens)

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