Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Another Auction

The FCC got auction 66 going today. At first look, I didn't find Verizon Wireless in it but learned latter that they bid under "Cellco". I wonder if any projects hang on the outcome of their bidding.

The press coverage on this one, indicates some big $$ counted in double digit billions.


wkellyo said...

... and you wanna go into chickens and wabbits?!?!?

Of all the star in the sky, I had to hitch my wagon to yours...

Bill Lisleman said...

I aint pulling no wagons

chickens wabbits - I am just amazed at the many ways there are to make a buck in this world.

you know the FCC has a job site too and then there's the lobbyists and lawyers working the FCC

Maybe I could get a bunch of chickens (flock??) and form a new FCC (Federated Chicken Coops) and auction off eggs.

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