Friday, August 04, 2006

alternative options



consider this

Click on the title link for more info. I have heard of two soon-to-be xfoners that were considering occupations very different from their current ones. (not this idea here)

Out of those three above, I would definitely go with the chickens. The egg supply might come in handy. But more interesting than the animals in the backyard idea is the idea of a company supplying these coops and materials. An idea that's unusual, like phones on a balloon or something. Well OK, my background is not that rural so maybe this chicken idea is common for some.

I'm thinking the next post regarding "alternative options" will be robots.


wkellyo said...

Hmmm... what makes eggs laid in an eglu so extraordinarily tasty?

wkellyo said...

Ya know, if we invited these to join, I don't think we would be a few clowns short of a circus anymore!

Bill Lisleman said...

well those are marketing eggs I guess.

invited?? do you mean the animals? I think of elephants and tigers when I think of a circus. These animals remind of the county fair or dinner.

One of the lab guys show the duck and thought of "aflac" which is a great ad campaign. Our old service needed a duck or something to sell it better. Maybe a carrier pigeon.

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