Thursday, May 04, 2017

the answer to

Does the question matter? Who has time for the details of a question? Just throw out an answer. 

Egg is a good answer.

walking on egg shells

Now I have one less egg to fry.

Marilyn McCoo lovely singing voice would leave me forgetting breakfast.

Yes I know the song conveys feelings. I’m not sure about the woman's part in this relationship. She seems obsessed with breakfast and ringing bells. Certainly she would have more important things than eggs in her diet to think about. Apparently the man of her life left her but the song doesn't provide any hint for his reason to leave. How bad was her fried egg dish? Did she ever offer omelets? However she appears willing to pick up after so the guy maybe missing out a good deal.

“Hey Joe, you still seeing her?”
“No we broke up but I was one omelet away from proposing.”

Here’s a completely unrelated question that I found in Eric Zorn’s best tweets list:
Did it bother anybody else that the guy from that Operation game was clearly wide awake?

I need one less song to think about. However I would love to have one MORE comment to reply.

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