Sunday, January 24, 2016

ramble with a rumble

Feeling lucky?

I was working on a post about luck and being lucky. As luck would have it, I got bored, didn't win the lottery, and wrote this post instead.

Clarifying - that’s a shampoo thing right? I’m not trying to clarify anything here. In fact my thoughts will probably just increase the general confusion.

colorful mind expansion

Amazing how one letter difference between words alters the meaning so dramatically. Consider the phrase, “seen in public”. Now drop the ‘l’. Unless you are a flasher do you want to be seen in pubic? Pubic should not be public in my opinion.

Could it be winter cabin fever? Sure many have felt the desire to get out, escape, after being cooped up too long. But a fever? So the next time I have a fever I should book a vacation? If everyone did that world epidemics would be even more common. Get rest, drink more fluids, have some soup.

Thinking of escape (really I’m writing this from home not prison and my fever has dropped) did you know they are bringing back the “X Files”? I recall enjoying that show in past. (of course it might be just an implanted memory that didn’t really happen) The truth is out there but that doesn’t mean we get to know what it is.

I really don’t believe in extraterrestrial aliens (hmm another implanted thought). However, after hearing some of the 2016 campaign clowns I’m changing my view.

If you are looking for me, I’ll be down in Lisleman’s Few Clowns Short Basement Corner of Fame designing a UFO sensor.

a UFO homing device?? nice colors

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