Tuesday, January 26, 2016

foxtrot uniform

I’m so F’ing mad I want to flounce out the front door and flaunt a flame.

I want to flog that frog faced fathead.

I want to fly far, flinging foul four lettered French words. (actually my limited knowledge of French tells me they probably have few four letter words since they waste too many letters in their language)

I want fry the fools with the flames from my eyes.

Faster than flipping my favorite finger, I’m going to flash these phrases to the frolicking fools fixated on fearful fables.

All the face friction funk on facebook fractures the frozen fissures of my soul.

Fix the fox fur flat on your face.

Friend and foe failing fiction farce.

Thanks that was cathartic. Now I can lighten up and function.

Remember funky?

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