Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I’ve got a brand new post

I published my post at daylight. It almost seems like you are avoiding me. ….

Do you have a brand new comment?

Some people (not many) say that I’ve done alright for a blogger.

Any of you remember Melanie?

Her song “Brand New Key” is a potential earworm song. Some background for my younger readers:
The song in addition to having a great hook, describes a time before in-line skates. Back then we had skates that attached to the bottom of our sneakers.

from The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Melanie original hit version is still a favorite but recently I found a cover performed by the youtube hit star, Jessica Frech. If you have spent time on youtube in the past few years (who hasn’t?) you might have seen her big hit, “People of Walmart”.

It could of been worst.  I could have posted about the people of walmart.


Joanne said...

My grand daughters roller blade to that song.

Frau said...

This is so much better than the people of walmart! I haven't heard this song in ages! I will never forget my first pair of roller skates....happy day and hours and hours of entertainment. I think I was 6 or 7!

lisleman said...

Good song for roller blading. Just think when this type of skate was popular you could not skate to music very easily. No small portable players or small headphones.

lisleman said...

It's a good song. Even though I remember and enjoyed the song, I looked-up background on it. Do you know there were a few radio stations that considered the lyrics too sexual for playing on the air?
I'm glad my post elicited an fun old memory for you.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I used to sing that song when roller skating in that style of skates.

lisleman said...

Good memory I suspect. I just remembering them falling off too easily. thanks

Cheryl P. said...

I love that song..probably because my absolute favorite toy as a little girl was roller skating with that style of metal skates. REALLY cute cover of the original.

lisleman said...

Favorite toy - I would have to think awhile in picking a favorite. I guess if you count bikes then it would probably be a bike.

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