Monday, December 09, 2013

future Amazon drone pilot

I see flying robots. I want to grow up to be an Amazon drone pilot.

(note: This post is not sponsored by Amazon. 
Occasionally I am a customer of Amazon. I really enjoy their odd product reviews on a dull day.  If they have a paid program to become a drone pilot, I'm in.)

They will have pilots right?

The drones can’t be foolproof enough to fly autonomously - right?

If you have not heard the news of Amazon drones then you probably were out shopping. Maybe you are recovering in the hospital from your black Friday battles. Here’s a link to the story.

Sure the drone could figure out the location with GPS. How could it possibly handling my neighbor’s kid? I suspect he is already developing his rocket powered net trap that shoots out from their tall tree. It would too expensive to equip the drone with surface-to-air missile warnings.

Of course telling the world that your company has this technology “under development” is not the same as actually releasing the service. The announcement did create a buzz (hey this blog wrote about it) and that free news coverage might have paid for the development so far. I wish I could announce a hair-brain idea for this blog and get that type of buzz. Hmm, I know, Lisleman is developing a technology to project my blog posts on the side of recycle collection trucks around the nation.

Also what happens when Walmart and Target join in the flying package delivery? You know this all started with Santa and his sleigh. But he flew his sleigh. I don’t think the reindeer were in charge.  Santa as a drone doesn't inspire me to leave out cookies and milk.

Imagine in a few years seeing competing drones buzzing around. The competition attacks could get so bad they might need to deploy fighter escorts. Now that would be fun job, Amazon fighter drone pilot. Flying into the danger zone. Where’s Kelly Mcgillis? (BTW, according to the internet Kelly is 56 now - that makes feel older than this drone idea)

Take my package away!

Watching that clip reminded that white t-shirts have never looked as sexy as they did in that movie. 


Veg said...

That is crazy talk, Bill. Amazon drones? How futuristic. And what a lawsuit the first time one falls out of the sky and kills some kid or something. How pessimistic of me. Actually, it sounds pretty impressive if they can pull it off without someone trying to shoot them down or hijack them somehow. There I go again with the pessimism. Good lord.

Also, Tom Cruise gives me the heebies. I knew you'd want to know.

lisleman said...

The heebies - now you have me wondering if I could come up with an actress that gives me the heebies. How do you cure the heebies? For many reasons I don't think this drone delivery will fly. thanks

Joanne said...

Drone delivery? Com'on. A gimmick. Well timed, well placed, but a gimmick nonetheless.

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

lol! And really, Kelly McGillis is 56? That does make me feel old too. Top Gun was the sh-- back in the day!

Bearman Cartoons said...

Can you fit in the cockpit?

lisleman said...

Hey - do you mean fit in the drone or a jumbo jet? Funny - but if you didn't know (I think you do) the drones (CIA, Military) are flown by pilots remotely from a base here in the US. thanks

lisleman said...

Yes I agree it probably is mostly a marketing gimmick. It does appear they actually have a prototype that they filmed. The idea does have too many problems for wide spread use.

lisleman said...

The movie certainly added sexy to fighter pilot's description. I enjoyed the movie and all the flying, singing, and romance. The singing reminds me of the scene with "You've lost that linky feeling
Ooh that linky feeling" - oh wait that's the parody I did.

Secret Agent Woman said...

A friend of mine has one of those GPS-lead helicopters - not sure it could carry a package, but it was pretty impressive.

Scarlet Blue said...

It is all to hysterically funny to think about. I wonder what the pigeons and seagulls would make of it all?

lisleman said...

They are impressive and probably useful for many tasks. The story on the amazon one is a 5 pound or less order. I know the batteries can weigh down the system and so far you need batteries.

lisleman said...

Interesting question. They don't look like a pigeon or seagull. I know you have a favorite seagull from reading your blog. They look like a big insect dragonfly type thing to me. I wonder if a predator bird like an eagle has ever tried to eat one. Since many people with more money than brains can acquire these things I predict we will be hearing about strange stories about them in the near future.

Cheryl P. said...

If I was understanding it correctly the drones would be computerized, unmanned drones. Very small in size. I don't see that being practical in any urban or suburban location. I have to believe it was more talk than actual implementation.

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