Thursday, June 13, 2013

friday fragments go coastal

I knew Mrs. 4444 would break eventually (she's on break). How many Friday Fragments events can one host in a row? I have strong dislikes for the confines of a schedule so I agree with her idea of a break. Some “unknown” on the west coast has taken over for Mrs. 4444’s summer break. I’m happy she knew unknown and convinced her to be a substitute FF host (probably paid her in cake pops).

I’ve been updating ruining classic tunes once again.

(can you sing this updated Peter Paul and Mary song? I can’t)

Where have all the fragments gone
Long week passing
Where have all the fragments gone
Long Friday ago
Where have all the fragments gone
Young unknown mami have picked them, every one
Oh when will she ever post
Oh go over to her blog for FF

(oh if you going to San Francisco be sure to wear some fragments in your post - that might had been the song I ruin this week but “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” popped up first in my crazy brain)

I’m still crazy after all these posts. How long has this been going on, you ask. I started to write “when I was generations younger” but that doesn’t make sense. You are always of the same generation. (I think I’m a 2.0) 

I did my Father’s Day post already. I’m wondering if I jumped the gun. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads reading this. The Menthos brand made some funny ads based on theme “Don’t become your dad”. Funny ad but my dad would have probably gotten in the car.  


Thinking of updated songs I have this Dylan song in playing in the headphones and it has a great line that fits this post.

How does it feel
how does it feel
to be bloggin alone
with no direction home
a complete unknown
like a rolling stone

(maybe I misheard it?)

(ok, can you give me one more Dylan inspired phase?)

How many posts
must a man write down
before you call him a blogger
the answer my friend is blowin in your reply


Tami said...

Happy Fathers Day to you! Enjoy your day!!
I laughed out loud at the flower picture. I love the humor!
With all the songs you like, I can't believe you didn't know the 'Mr. Sandman' lyrics. ;-)

lisleman said...

a workout maybe? - he probably snores like a walrus

Joanne said...

I believe you need a break. Take tomorrow off.

edshunnybunny said...

You have some funny, funny stuff here ! I especially enjoyed the flower photo and the Mentos commercial. Can't help but smile at your take on the classic tunes, as well :)

Cheryl P. said...

As always, very clever reworking of lyrics!!!

I agree with Tami...that picture of the flowers is really funny. If I don't get a Father's Day post up for Sunday, have great day. Hope your kids spoil you with oodles of fun.

lisleman said...

Thanks but off of what? Being Saturday I don't want to take time off of beer time or taking a stroll.

lisleman said...

Mission accomplished - spread some fun. thanks

lisleman said...

thanks good to know you liked the reworked songs.

ljsreveries said...

Funny Frags song. Your picture cracked me up! I thought of a song that can be ruined with a social media theme (see, I told you I'd think of one and come back...just took me a bit!) It's from Tony Orlando and Dawn's Knock Three Times:

"Like, like, like, on my Facebook if you wa-ant meeeee
Unlike twice if the an-swer is nooooo"

heehee. Happy Father's Day!

lisleman said...

Good one. I'm listening to it now. A good song about apartment living. Here's one line I came up with. "...I can hear your smartphone playing, I can see your words tweeting...."
Feel free to use this if you would like to make a post out of it. thanks fun stuff.

Mrs4444 said...

Very creative song-tweeking there, Bill :)
Loved the Mentos commercial.
Happy Fathers Day!

lisleman said...

thanks glad you enjoyed it.

tracismixedbag said...

Great post. Loved the Mentos commercials. There's so much you can do with those. Happy Father's Day!!!

lisleman said...

thanks "so much you can do with those" - such as make a big mess with a 2 liter bottle of coke?

unknownmami said...

You mean I could have demanded cake pops as payment?! Have a wonderful Father's Day!

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

Happy Father's Day Bill!

lisleman said...


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