Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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It’s not live. Really people you are at a blog. What do you expect here? Many of my posts have youtube clips with music but that’s not live either. Some days I finger tap around my keyboard attempting to entertain but what you read is not live.

But if you are near a university or large city there is the chance that you could catch a live performance. Walking down the street is a live performance and depending on the street could be life or death. More exciting and enjoyable is a live on-stage musical performance.

Another source of live stage performance is a local high school. I’ve enjoyed performances involving our kids, nieces and nephews. It’s even more fun watching someone you have known since they were a baby.

Fellow blogger Mrs. 4444 has posted about her talented daughter’s performance at her high school.

On the subject of musicals,
- In other Lisleman live performance news - 

Earlier this year we had luck come our way regarding a live performance. We won a same day performance ticket lottery. It was the first time we have tried a this type of lottery. My BIL who lives in the city has been lucky getting tickets this way before.  He showed us the ropes.

The Chicago performance of “The Book of Mormon” offers a same day ticket lottery. Each person can win a maximum of two tickets. The seats are in the very very front row. Here’s the best part - the ticket only cost you $25. The seats behind us went for $200 or more.

You go to the theater the day of the performance fill out a lottery entry and then return for the drawing. Winners must be present and pay in cash.

If you were interested in the orchestra pit, the seats are perfect. If you want to see the whole stage, well don’t count on it. But remember the tickets were only $25 each.

“The Book of Mormon” is certainly a different type of musical. Very crude humor including songs involving bodily functions. If you don’t mind hearing the F-bomb sung it’s a fun story. The writers came from the “South Park” TV show afterall. We had a fun time.

I don’t see “The Book of Mormon” showing up on a high school stage ever.

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Bee said...

I've never heard of this same-day lottery before. I'm more of an opera person, which I guess is technically a musical, but I'm pretty sure they don't have same-day lotteries.

lisleman said...

I think most of the shows do NOT have this. I'm not sure how they decide when to do it but it's worth checking. From my internet searching it appears to be more common in NYC.

Kathy said...

I have tickets for that in June when it comes to Buffalo. I'm use to Mormon satires from living in Utah there was a local production that put on a comedy of sorts mocking it every year. You really have to live in Utah to to understand some of the humor in it though. Have a great day!

Cheryl P. said...

I, also have never heard of the same day lottery. I have seen video of portions of the Book of Mormons and the parts I saw really were funny. I am pretty open to off beat humor and the F word doesn't bother me at all. I bet you kind of suspected that I would find a lot of humor in a lot of stuff.

lisleman said...

Yes you probably would enjoy it. Don't get me wrong I liked it. Not my favorite but funny. thanks

lisleman said...

It does help to know a little about the Mormons. I knew about the mission thing and have had pairs of missionaries show up at the door in the past. thanks

Mrs4444 said...

That last line cracked me up! (I agree.) Thanks for the shoutout :)
You said you had fun; did you like the show?

lisleman said...

Yes we both enjoyed the show. However, we are not very sensitive to crude humor and could see some being offended. I don't know if the writers were going for shock value or what.
I liked the show but it does not rate at the top of my list. I thought Jersey Boys or Billy Elliott was much better.

Mrs4444 said...

Billy Elliott is one of my all-time favorites. "If you like, I'll show you me fanny!" Cracks us up every time! And it's just a sweet story.

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